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Thank you for taking the time to keep your Samford webpages updated. Providing relevant, quality content that clearly articulates Samford's mission, vision and core values is an important part of building the Samford brand.

Important Content Management Changes+

New Content Management System

When Web Services began searching for a more user-friendly content management system (CMS) last year, we engaged our colleagues in Technology Services as well as our marketing and communication colleagues across campus. After seeking advice from Gartner, testing dozens of content management systems, talking with current users and visiting another local university, we have decided to switch to Hannon Hill's Cascade Server.

New SEO-Friendly Webpage Addresses

As part of our effort to improve search-engine performance across campus, we are following best practices for Web addresses, which generally means having longer addresses that include important keywords to assist search engines in ranking your content. Contrary to popular belief, research shows most visitors don't attempt to remember web addresses beyond the domain name (—they rely on good information architecture and search instead.

We are also eliminating as many top-level webpage redirects as possible. In a recent audit, we discovered that 78% of the redirects created over the past seven years no longer work. In addition to sending visitors to non-existent pages and complicating maintenance of the site, some types of redirects can also reduce search engine page rank for your content.

New Publicity-Friendly Webpage Short Codes

While following search engine best practices and eliminating top-level redirects, we also recognize the need for shorter "publicity" addresses to reduce the possibility of typing errors when publicizing your page in traditional media. While abbreviated Web addresses will be converted to SEO-friendly addresses, we can create short code addresses that begin with followed by your current abbreviated homepage address (i.e. ctls, ccr, osl, etc.). In addition to being easier to manage, the new go addresses provide us with a unique opportunity to gain better insight into how traditional media channels are performing for you.

Let us know if you are currently promoting a root or top-level abbreviated address so we can take the proper precautions to ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible.

Managed Assets

Because managed assets cannot be transferred from the existing system into the new one, we have turned off the ability to upload files to the content area; files should be uploaded to the library instead. Your existing assets will still be available on the site, but we will be converting them into library files over the coming weeks. If you need to update your managed assets, please upload your new file to the library and link to the new file instead.

Positive Results

As a result of our efforts over the past year, we have seen improvement in key analytics indicators even while we temporarily suspended pay-per-click advertising until we could build the visitor-friendly, mobile-ready site Samford deserves. Here are a few results:

  • 9.69% increase in visitors
  • 20.53% increase in page views
  • 11.64% reduction in bounces (single page views)
  • 36% of our traffic now comes from mobile devices

Even more important than the raw analytics are the number of visitors who are clicking to apply, register, visit, and connect with Samford University.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we continue to improve Samford's digital presence.


The Web Services Team

The university will be moving into a new user-friendly content management system (CMS) in the coming months. We started preparing for the move more than a year ago when we began converting all of our school content into a more visitor-, mobile-, and search-engine friendly design. However, we still have much to do before moving day and want to make you aware of a few necessary changes that may affect your Web address or content management practices.

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