Samford University

Hidden Gems

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James Middleton Sizemore Chandeliers

The five chandeliers which hang elegantly in the grand foyer of the Leslie Stephen Fine Arts Center, the largest of which is made of hand-cut Czechoslovakian crystal, boast of a long history that predates their time at Samford.
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The Corts Honor Flag

The permanent flag hanging in Thomas E. and Marla H. Corts Arena has a special connection to the facility's namesake. The arena honors Samford University's late president and his wife.
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Samuel Sterling Sherman Plaque Outside Samford Hall

The first president of Samford University, then Howard College, was a 27-year old Vermont native, Samuel Sterling Sherman. Starting in 1842 with one building and one faculty member in Marion, Ala., he helped the school begin its lengthy maturation process that resulted in the Samford University of today.
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Campus Benches from Lambda Chi Alpha and Homewood Lions

Benches scattered around Samford University provide plenty of opportunities for people to relax and take in the picturesque beauty of the campus, thanks in part to a Samford Greek organization and a local civic club.
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The Flagpole

Standing centerfield at Joe Lee Griffin Field is a flagpole with a strong Samford University history.
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The Marla Haas Corts Missionary Biography Collection

Samford University's Harwell G. Davis library houses one of the largest collections of biographies of Christian missionaries in the Marla Haas Corts Missionary Biography Collection.
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The Bashinsky Family

To Samford University, the Bashinsky family means much more than just a name on a couple buildings. Both the Leo E. Bashinsky Press Tower and the Leo E. Bashinsky Fieldhouse are named for the family.
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The Busts of Frank Park Samford

There are two hidden gems at different locations on Samford's campus that look strikingly similar. In fact, the items, two busts of Frank Park Samford, are exactly identical.
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Legion Field

While many may think of the Iron Bowl or the 1996 Olympics when they hear the words "Legion Field," the venerable Birmingham stadium owes its inaugural game to a small Baptist school: Howard College, now known as Samford University.
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Propst Hall Pendulum

Descending to the bottom floor of Samford University's William Self Propst Hall, it is hard to miss the pendulum swinging by the stairwell.
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Healing Arts Angel

Standing outside Samford University's Dwight and Lucille Beeson Center for the Healing Arts, the bronze figure of Healing Angel greets all who enter the south entrance.
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