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computer labs Taking on a brand new chapter of life at college can be a nervous time. Parents embark from home with children in their car, but leave adults behind when their vehicle is unpacked. College is a fun time with lots of enjoyable experiences, but a technological mishap could derail a student's success.

This is where Samford Technology Services comes in. We stand at the ready, in case your computer cannot connect or the pesky malware bug hits when you least expect it. Even for potential hardware issues, our folks will run tests on the device and give you our best guess to what the problem could be, plus make recommendations for reliable repairs.

Headaches abound as part of the college process, but we think technology shouldn't be one of them.

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Help Desk Hours

Telephone: 205-726-2662



 Or visit our offices on the third floor of Brooks Hall.


Hours of Operation

7 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday

Contacting the Help Desk

Samford's Help Desk provides computer and network support, as well as training and development. We assist in the implementation of technology for the betterment of Samford University's educational successes. We can be contacted by phone, email, or through submitting a ticket through our Help Desk system.

Get help Remotely!

Samford University offers remote assistance for PC- and Apple-related computer issues.

If you contact Technology Services for help, you may be directed to The Help Me page, which has links to our remote assistance software.  It will allow a Helpdesk associate to remotely access your computer.


For your security, an ID number and random password will be generated each time you run this software.

Protection Against Malware

The internet can be a dangerous place. Make sure your computer is adequately protected against all forms of malware. Learn how to protect yourself for computing peace of mind!

BulldogApps on your phone

Samford has partnered with Google to deliver many of GoogleApps' services to our students as BulldogApps. Learn how to view your Samford Email on your iPhone or Android device.

Connect to ConfigSUWireless

Samford's wireless network is avaialable to all students. Learn how to configure your Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android devices here!

It's a steal!

College is already expensive. Save money on software by taking advantage of Samford's relationship with Microsoft to purchase Microsoft products on the cheap.

Want to upgrade to Windows 7? Check out the Ultimate Steal to get the latest Microsoft operating system at unimaginable discounts.

Samford Goes Mobile! Did you know that Samford has its very own apps? Check your grades, look up your schedule, find out what's on the Caf menu, and more! Download Samford apps on your iPhone or Android device.  Search 'Samford' in your app store!