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Employees Receive Increase In Email Quota

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The Enterprise Systems Group within Technology Services is pleased to announce the completion of strategic technology plan initiative 3.4 “Storage”. Effective September 19, all faculty and staff had their email quotas increased from 100MB to 2GB, a twentyfold increase. File storage was also upgraded to 2GB quotas for all users. If employees encounter the need for more storage on either your file share or email please contact the help desk.

Several projects were involved in increasing storage capacity. Please see below for further information on each initiative.

Microsoft Exchange: As noted above the upgraded system is ready for use but, before you can take advantage of the system your mailbox must be migrated from the old system to the new. Fortunately, Microsoft Exchange 2010 allows for live mailbox migrations and plans are to start migrating mailboxes on Friday afternoon September 16, 2011 and let the migration run until completion. Except for some special situations this migration doesn’t require you to do anything. Once the mailbox move is finished the only thing you may have to do is restart Outlook. If you shut down your computer over the weekend you may not need to do anything on Monday. This move does not require an upgrade to Outlook. The version of Outlook you are currently using will continue to work with new Exchange 2010 server.

Storage: Samford acquired a new storage array in late July and work began in earnest to migrate services to the newer higher performance storage. A substantial increase in performance for the Blackboard Learning management has already been observed. Again the most notable change will be a substantial increase in email storage quotas and file storage quotas. The new storage quotas will be 2Gigabytes for file storage and 2Gigabytes for email.
Special situations: For employees that use the portal to check email the email button in the portal will be broken during the migration. Plans are to convert email access via the portal to Exchange 2010 on Sunday morning September 18, 2011. If you need to check your email you can use Outlook web access located here: .

Junk Email Filtering: As part of this upgrade the Outlook Junk Email filter will no longer quarantine items unless specified by the user. The Outlook filter cannot be configured centrally so items will not be quarantined to ensure valid messages are not moved to the Junk Email folder. The university continues to use the Anti-SPAM system, Barracuda, to filter spam and no changes are planned to this system.

Mobile devices: We have discovered that some mobile devices are configured using the email server and this will need to be changed to If you need assistance please call the helpdesk at extension 2662.

If you have any questions concerning the above projects please contact the help desk at 726-2662 or

Posted by David Hakanson at 09/19/2011 08:38:07 AM