Samford University


Violations and Citations

Parking and traffic violators are issued citations by Transportation Services and Public Safety officers.

$50 Violation
Running a stop sign
Failing to stop for pedestrians 
Wrong way on a one way street
Blocking or obstructing traffic 
Driving/Parking on grass or sidewalk
Making illegal turn 
$30 Violation
Unsafe vehicle operation
$100 Violation 
Parking in Handicapped Space
Parking in Fire Lane

(Handicap and fire lane parking violations are non-appealable, $100 fines. Regulations are mandated by the City of Homewood and the State of Alabama; they are not at the discretion of any department on campus to be voided at any time.)  

$50 Violation
No permit 
Blocking trash dumpster 
Blocking or obstructing traffic 
Parking on grass or sidewalk 
Parking in reserved space 
Parking in unauthorized color zone 
Parking in unmarked area 
Parking on yellow curb 
$25 Violation
Parking in loading/service zone 
Visitor/15-minute zone 
$20 Violation
Improperly Displayed Permit 
$15 Violation
Parking on street 
Double parking street/lot 
Mutilated or defaced permit 
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