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Transient Enrollment/Letter of Good Standing Request (International, for Study Abroad Students)

This form is for students who plan to attend classes at a university in a foreign country through an institution other than Samford. It is not to be used for those who plan to attend domestic universities.


  1. Complete top of form and fill in information concerning the class(es) you plan to take. (Print more than one copy if you need additional course information blanks; do not use the back of the form.) Be sure to include the complete name and address of the school you plan to attend.  Remember: Core courses may not be taken.

  2. Obtain signature approval from your academic advisor first. If you are a senior you must also obtain your dean's signature approval. Upon completion of 96 credits students may not transfer more than 8 semester credits or 2 courses to Samford. To receive a degree, students must earn at least 50% of their total credits from Samford.

  3. Obtain signature of the Director of International Programs: David Shipley, Brooks Hall 125.

  4. Obtain signature of the department head representing the class you plan to take. (Attach a readable and highlighted copy of the complete course description from the catalog of the college where you plan to attend classes before you obtain the department head's signature.) Davis Library has copies of college catalogs and many are also available online directly from the college/university itself.

  5. Return completed Transient Enrollment Form to the Student Records Office with your signature. REMEMBER: It is the student's responsibility to obtain all necessary signatures.
  6. Both your Samford (Institution) and Overall GPAs must be at least 2.0 at the end of the current semester in order to have a Letter of Good Standing sent to another college or university. To have a Letter of Good Standing sent before the end of the current semester a student must have a minimum of a 2.50 GPA.

  7. Study abroad students are responsible for requesting an international transcript evaluation from AACRAO ( or WES (

  8. Requesting an international transcript of the final grade(s) from the other school be sent to Samford is optional, although encouraged. All courses from transient schools are required to have a letter grade of ‘C-‘ or better in order to be posted as earned credit on your transcript. International transcripts should be sent to Nancy Bales in the Student Records Office, Samford Hall 214.

  9. Print the form (see the links below), fill it out, get the necessary signatures, and bring or send the form to the Student Records Office. You may fax the fully completed form to (205) 726-2908, if you are facing an impending deadline.

International Transient Enrollment Form in PDF (updated 9/30/13)

For students who plan to attend classes at a university in the United States: (Domestic/U.S.) Transient Enrollment Form in PDF
Instructions for Domestic/U.S. Transient Students