Samford University

Special Note about Student ID Numbers

Samford uses 9-digit student ID numbers for identification purposes. All Samford Banner IDs begin with "9" and if unknown, can be found after logging in through the portal and navigating to the View Student Information window. (Banner student ID numbers are also noted on the initial letter sent to new students indicating their username and password.)

After login, click on the Banner tab, select Student & Financial Aid, then Student Records, then View Student Information. You should see the Banner number in the upper right corner of the window.

  • If known, please use the Banner SUid on forms.
  • If unknown, or if you cannot log in through the portal to find your Banner number, please use your SSN instead.
  • Students with an older Samford ID Card will not have the Banner SUid printed on the card.  However, cards for newer students WILL display the Banner SUid. 

NOTE: Former students completing transcript requests WILL NOT have a Banner SUid, so they MUST include their SSN on the transcript request form.