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Disciplinary Action

In addition to payment of fines, individuals receiving numerous violations may be subject to losing their parking privileges on campus. In the event that an individual receives numerous parking violations, the following will apply:

No Permit

In the event Transportation Services identifies a vehicle numerous times for being parked on the campus without a proper parking permit, students will receive an e-mail confirmation sent to their SU e-mail address when a citation posts to his or her account. On the fifth “No Permit” citation, the student will receive an e-mail indicating that a hold will be placed on his or her account. The hold will not be lifted until the student purchases a permit.

Excessive Parking Violations

A person receiving four parking and/or traffic citations within one academic term will receive a hold on his/her Banner account. The Transportation Services hold will remain on the account until the process has been completed. Individuals who continue to receive citations after receiving a Transportation Services hold will be subject to losing their privilege to operate a vehicle on campus.

Sanctions related to excessive violations could include but are not limited to community service, restricted parking privileges, additional fines and disciplinary action.

Appeal Process

The Student Judiciary Council reviews and resolves traffic appeals submitted by students.

To appeal a citation, an online appeal must be completed in the student’s Banner account on the Transportation Services menu within 10 calendar days of the citation posting in Banner.

  1. Student appeals citation in his/her Banner account.
  2. Appeal is sent to Student Judiciary Council.
  3. Student Judiciary Council reviews appeal, determines whether or not to grant, reduce or deny the appeal.
  4. The student will be notified via Samford e-mail of the Student Judiciary Council decision.
  5. The student’s account will automatically be adjusted according to the decision provided.

The decision of the Student Judiciary Council appeals process is final. The student is fully responsible for payment of the citation regardless of the appeal decision, or the student’s decision not to appeal his/her citation.

Student Judiciary Council Appeal Guidelines

The Student Judiciary Council does not recognize the following as reasonable excuses for violating the parking policies of the University:

  1. Lack of knowledge of parking policies on campus
  2. Late to class, appointments, practice, or other events on campus
  3. Parking illegally for a short amount of time
  4. Parking illegally because other vehicles were doing the same
  5. There was not enough parking available
  6. Financial hardship