Samford University

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Vehicle Parking Permit Registration


All motor vehicles operated on campus must be registered with the Department of Transportation Services, in the Transportation Services menu in self-service Banner at The appropriate vehicle registration permit shall be affixed to the inside lower left corner of the back windshield, on the driver’s side. Permits will be affixed by the adhesive on the decal and may not be affixed with tape or any other temporary means. No more than one current permit shall be affixed to any vehicle. The method of affixing permits on motorcycles will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Providing false information concerning the registration of a vehicle will subject the violator to disciplinary action.


All students are required to register their driving status in Banner, regardless of their possession or operation of a vehicle on campus. If a student is a Non-Driver, he or she is required to submit their status as a Non-Driver in the Transportation Services menu in self-service Banner at A Non-Driver is identified as a current student, enrolled in classes, who is not in possession of a vehicle on campus, and does not drive a vehicle on campus. This includes borrowing, and sharing of vehicles. If a student is borrowing or sharing a vehicle with another person, he/she is not considered a Non-Driver.


Student permits annual cost is $20.00. Replacement or additional permits cost $5.00 each. Permits are not pro-rated, and are not refundable once they have been signed out and received. Charges will be placed on the student’s account immediately upon registration in the student’s Self Service Banner account. All vehicle registration permits expire yearly on August 31st.

Parking Zones

Parking is enforced Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, except on University holidays or campus closings.

Jan Term and Summer Term parking is enforced in all Faculty/Staff lots for employee permits.  Commuter and residence hall lots are open parking for any permit type during Jan Term and Summer Term.

Reserved, Fire Lane, and Handicap are enforced 24/7/365.

Parking for students is permitted only in the specific permit color zone issued by student’s housing assignment. If a student’s housing assignment changes, the student is required to complete the registration process again in Banner for their new permit assignment.

Vehicles must be parked in a legal valid space between white lines.  Parking on grass, cross-hatched areas, islands or any other un-marked area is prohibited.

Parking permits and zones are designated by color:
1. Dark Blue: Full-time faculty and staff, part-time faculty and staff who are not students
2. Orange: Contract employees
3. Blue: Commuter students
4. Purple: Central Campus
5. Green: Beeson Woods
6. Yellow: West Campus and West Village

Visitor/Temporary Parking

Temporary parking permits, for periods of less than 7 days and visitor parking permits are available at Transportation Services in the University Center.  Recreational vehicles are not allowed to park on campus at any time. 

Disability and Limited Mobility Parking

Handicap accessible parking spaces are available throughout campus and are mandated by the City of Homewood and the State of Alabama.

For instances where mobility issues are present, students should call the Public Safety office at (205) 726-2020 for a transport on campus. For instances where a long-term mobility issue exist, students should contact the Department of Transportation Services for a temporary parking permit, before parking in an unauthorized area.