Samford University

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Private Room Fee and Consolidation Policy

Based on availability and with the approval of the Office of Residence Life, a student may request and occupy a double room as a single by payment of 150 percent of the rate for that room. The student will be guaranteed single occupancy only by the payment of this private room fee. Once approved, the private room fee will apply to every term remaining in the current academic year. It may be deleted only if a roommate is actually assigned.

Residents who do not have a roommate at the start of the fall or spring semester and who have not requested a private room will be required to consolidate with another resident who also does not have a roommate. The Office of Residence Life will make available lists of other students in rooms without a roommate to assist in this process. In the fourth week of classes, the private room fee will be charged to all residents remaining in a double room as a single.

Should a resident lose his/her roommate after the fourth week of classes, he/she will be allowed to remain in the room as a single for the remainder of that term only without paying the private room fee. The vacant space remains available to the Office of Residence Life for assignment to any student needing housing at any time, and the resident may not reject any roommate assigned. The resident may be required to move to another room where a single vacancy exists at any time the Office of Residence Life has need for the current room as a double vacancy. Any student occupying a double room as a single, for any reason, will be charged the private room fee unless otherwise determined by the Director of Residence Life.