Samford University

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Community Standards Council

The mission of the Community Standards Council [CSC] is to help foster and maintain a peaceful and purposeful community within the residence halls. This goal includes educating students in responsibilities and opportunities for community living. The CSC monitors rule infractions stipulated by the Residence Life Housing Agreement and the Student Handbook website. A values violation is defined by the Code of Values outlined in the Samford University Student Handbook website. Values violations will be sent to the Values Advocate, and a residence life violation will be sent to the CSC for review. A values violation may be referred to the CSC at the request of the Values Advocate.

The CSC consists of seven students (three of whom are resident assistants) selected by a committee. One residence life professional staff member serves as the CSC adviser. The CSC adviser is a nonvoting member; but if the CSC is unable to hear a case, then the CSC adviser will hear the incident.