Samford University

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Department Offices and Staff

The Office of Residence Life maintains an office in each of the three areas of campus housing. Each office is responsible for meeting the ongoing, everyday needs of residents in their area. Residence Life Coordinators [RLCs], professional members of the department staff who live in each area, maintain offices in these locations. They are responsible for all programs and activities, procurement of services of other departments when required, approval and coordination of all moves within and to or from their area after a term has begun, and for assisting with personal concerns and roommate conflicts. Area offices are located in Evergreen Hall for Beeson Woods, in Vail Hall for Central Campus, and in Mountainview Hall for West Campus and West Village.

The main offices of residence life are in University Center 102 and 106. These offices are responsible for coordination of all services of the department, including the initial assignment of housing for each academic year. The office also administers the meal plans required by university policy for all resident students.

The department staff consists of the following people: 

The Director of Residence Life and University Services is the department head and is a member of the staff of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

The Assistant Director of Residence Life reports to the Director of Residence Life and University Services, and is responsible for programming, staff selection and department assessment.  

The Assistant Director of Housing and Business Operations reports to the Director of Residence Life and University Services, and is responsible for administering all housing assignments and meal plans for resident students.

The Facilities and Safety Coordinator reports to the Director of Residence Life and University Services, and is responsible for residence life maintenance and safety.

Residence Life Coordinators [RLCs] are professional, live-in staff responsible for the total operation of a particular area of campus housing. RLCs are full-time professional staff members working in the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.      

Residence Managers [RMs] are graduate students who live in the residence halls or suites and are responsible for coordinating and overseeing the day-to-day functions associated with a particular residential area.

Senior Resident Assistants [SRAs] are undergraduate, senior-class students who live on a particular hall or housing area, responsible for the day-to-day functions of the RAs.

Resident Assistants [RAs] are the first point of contact for resident students. These are undergraduate students who live on the halls in close proximity to residents.