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Convocation programs for faculty, staff and students are held regularly throughout the fall and spring semesters. A key component of the convocation program is University Chapel, which is held each Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. in Reid Chapel.

The purpose of convocation is to nurture students in faith, learning and values from a distinctly Christian perspective. Students are encouraged to engage Christian faith within a variety of learning experiences.

Convocation nurtures students on an individual level, a corporate level and a confessional level. First, convocation provides activities that challenge individuals to grow toward Christian maturity. Second, convocation encourages individuals to participate in the Christian identity of the university. Third, convocation is a formal means by which the university can be what it says it is: a community committed to faith, learning and values rooted in a Christian worldview.

Students are required to earn 60 convocation credits to receive the bachelor’s degree. Fifteen convocation credits must be earned in each of the following categories: Christian faith development, academic lecture, personal and professional growth, and culture and the arts. Students may receive up to 15 convocation credits for faith-based service and substitute these credits for a portion of the requirements in other categories. To record students’ attendance at on-campus convocation programs, IDs will be scanned at the conclusion of each event. Students must have a valid ID to receive convocation credit. The number of convocation credits required for transfer students is prorated. For more information, contact University Ministries or the Office of Student Records.
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