Samford University

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From the President

Dear Samford Students:

There are many paths to obtain a higher education degree, but your choice to enroll at Samford indicates you are committed to engaging your mind, body, and spirit so that knowledge may become wisdom in service to human kind.

Together with your professors and many friends, who love Samford and care about you, we form a community of learning and faith that is like no other. We are blessed by the legacy of generations that have gone before us; we sit in the shade of trees we did not plant and we drink from wells we did not dig.  The time we spend together will be brief, but across the years we will see how our lives were nourished by our time together.

Less than seven percent of the global population holds a college degree, so maximize your investment as a student. Embrace the opportunity to learn and explore all areas of human knowledge. Extend your hand to build lifelong friendships with those around you. Open your heart to meaningful paths of service. Invite God to nurture your soul.

May you be blessed on each step of your journey.

Andrew Westmoreland

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