Samford University

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Dining Services and Meal Plan Requirements

Samford University provides a variety of food services for students, faculty and staff. More than just a place to eat, these facilities are a common meeting ground and center of campus social activities for resident students, commuting students, faculty and staff.  Sodexo provides the management of all dining services on campus. All facilities are located in the University Center.

 The Dining Hall (cafeteria) provides 19 meals per week. Only breakfast on Saturday and Sunday are not served. Unlimited selection from the standard cafeteria line to specialties such as a pizza bar, deli, short-order line, salad bar, ethnic option and regular specials are available in the Dining Hall. Guests may also have unlimited seconds. Diners must observe the following policies:

  • Students must bring their Samford ID/meal card each meal.
  • Students may use only one scan per meal on their basic plan. (See information on declining balance below.)
  • Food may not be taken out of the Dining Hall.
  • Only the student identified on the card may use the ID. Use by another student may result in the card being voided. Lost cards should be reported immediately to the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management, located in the University Center, at (205) 726-2020. The card will be voided and replaced.
  • Changes to the meal plan must be executed before the second week of classes commencing.

The Food Court featuring national franchise, fast-food vendors is located on the ground floor of the University Center. These facilities are open for more extended hours than the Dining Hall and are an excellent place for snacks or meals.

Students, staff and faculty may purchase an advance declining balance credit (Bulldog Bucks) that is entered on their ID cards and which may be used in the Dining Hall or the Food Court. Additional deposits may be made to this account when the balance is used. This provides a convenient and more rapid method than paying cash at each meal. However, meals in the Dining Hall or Food Court may be purchased on a cash basis also. Bulldog Bucks should be purchased directly from or the Bookstore in the University Center.  

Required Meal Plans

Resident students are required to purchase a regular meal plan. Three plans are available: 19 meals per week, 12 meals per week or 7 meals per week. All freshmen are required to have the 19-meal plan regardless of hours transferred in or completed. Students who have at least 24 credit hours but less than 64 credit hours may choose the 19- or 12-meal plan. Those who are full junior status and have completed at least 64 credit hours may choose any of the three plans. Dining Dollars in the amount of $130 is included in each meal plan. 

Commuters and resident students who use the Dining Dollars in their basic meal plan may add additional funds (Bulldog Bucks) to their declining balance in any amount through or the University Center Bookstore. These additional funds are available until used and are not lost at the end of each term.