Samford University

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Course Repeats

 Upon the recommendation of their adviser and the approval of the University Registrar, undergraduate students may repeat a course for credit in which they received a “C-” or lower to improve their grade, cumulative GPA and understanding of course content.

When a course is repeated at Samford in which a grade of “C-” or lower was earned, only the last grade, even if it is lower, counts in the calculation of the cumulative average. The credits count only once. Both courses and both grades remain on the transcript with an indication of which course is counted in the computation of the cumulative GPA. The repeated course must be exactly the same course that was originally taken. Courses repeated at other institutions do not change the Samford cumulative GPA.

 The deadline for submitting the petition to repeat a course is the last day to add a course in the semester or term the repeated course is being taken. A form for this purpose is available in the Office of Student Records.

A course can be repeated only once. A student may take advantage of this policy for no more than sixteen credits. Repeating a course may influence a student’s financial aid or sports eligibility. Courses repeated after graduation will not change the graduation GPA.