Samford University

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Class Attendance Policy and Classification of Students

The classroom is a basic unit of relationships in which learning takes place, and each student contributes to the learning experience of classmates. Therefore, students should recognize that one of the most vital aspects of a residential university experience is attendance and punctuality in the classroom, and that the value of this academic experience cannot be measured fully by testing procedures alone. Class attendance policies are established by each school of the university, and specific attendance requirements are indicated in the syllabus of each class.  

Some students participate in institutional activities that require them to represent the university in scheduled events on and off campus. For activities of sufficient importance in the overall life of the university, excused absences are granted. A list of activities qualifying for excused absences is maintained by the Provost’s Office. Excused absences do not relieve students of responsibility for the academic work in the class missed. However, students may not be penalized for such absences and must be given the opportunity to make up missed work. These students are responsible for informing their professors, in advance, of the class dates that will be missed because of these activities. Practice and/or preparation for these activities would not be a valid reason to miss class. Ultimately, each student bears the responsibility to be aware of and to comply with attendance and punctuality requirements. 

Classification of Students


Credits  Earned Status
0-31 Freshman
32-63 Sophomore
64-95 Junior
96-above Senior