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Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Total Credits 

A minimum of 128 credits must be successfully completed. No more than eight credits in music ensembles, drama participation and physical education activity courses may apply toward the 128 credits required for graduation. No more than two credits in physical education activity courses beyond those required for graduation may be part of the combined eight credits. To receive a first undergraduate degree, students must earn at least 50 percent of their total credits from Samford. At least 40 credits must be earned in junior- and senior-level courses.

It is the student’s responsibility to see that all graduation requirements are met. Students must meet all requirements for graduation as set forth in the Samford University Catalog (or, if more up to date, any school or department’s official publications) in effect at the time of entrance into the major, assuming that there is no interruption in enrollment other than for stated vacation periods. Later changes in the requirements for graduation are applicable to students who proceed through their chosen program in a timely fashion.

The core curriculum courses are:

  • UCBP 101 Biblical Perspectives
  • UCCP 101 Cultural Perspectives I
  • UCCP 102 Cultural Perspectives II
  • UCCA 101 Communication Arts I
  • UCCA 102 Communication Arts II
  • UCFH 120 Concepts of Fitness and Health

In the Howard College of Arts and Sciences, most majors and concentrations require language proficiency at the 202 level.

Students planning to earn Alabama teaching credentials should see their department chairs and consult the School of Education section of the University Catalog for special requirements.

Physical Activity Course Requirements   

Most schools require one or two physical activity course(s) in addition to UCFH 120. Students with physical disabilities may consult the Chair of the Department of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine to determine how to fulfill this requirement. If PHED 138 (Water Safety Instructor’s Course) is passed, the successful completion of UCFH 120 will fulfill the student’s physical education requirement.

To meet the general education physical activity requirement, a student may register and receive credit only once for the same activity course, with the exception of student-athletes participating in NCAA varsity sports. Student-athletes may count a single varsity sport up to two times, once for the general education requirement and once for general electives that count toward the overall 128 credits in the standard degree, provided that degree allows for general electives. For majors that require no physical education activity courses, students may apply a maximum of two (2) activity credits as general electives toward the total credits required to earn a degree.

Convocation Requirements

Students are required to earn 60 convocation credits to receive the bachelor’s degree. Fifteen convocation credits must be earned in each of the following categories: Christian faith development, academic lecture, personal and professional growth, and culture and the arts. Students may receive up to 15 convocation credits for faith-based service and substitute these credits for a portion of the requirements in other categories. To record students’ attendance at on-campus convocation programs, IDs will be scanned at the conclusion of each event. Students must have a valid ID to receive convocation credit. The number of convocation credits required for transfer students is prorated. For more information, contact University Ministries or the Office of Student Records. 

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