Samford University


Roommate Placement

Applying for Housing

 A housing file will be created for you after you have confirmed your acceptance of admission by returning the "Enrollment Confirmation Form" with payment of the required $250 admission deposit. Once the deposit is received you will be sent a housing application that should be completed and returned as soon as possible. The application must be completed by the student.

Assignment of Rooms and Roommates

Specific room and roommate assignments are made in July preceding the start of the fall term. This is done to allow students who meet each other at the summer orientations the opportunity to request each other as roommates. It also minimizes the number of revisions that have to be made due to change in prospective students' plans. You will receive your room and roommate assignments in early August, giving each student's home address and phone number.

By returning the "Enrollment Confirmation Form" and paying the required $250 deposit, your Samford enrollment is confirmed. The date of your confirmation determines your priority placement. If you request a specific roommate, the earlier of your or their priority date will be used. Certain students with special needs, such as disability or medical condition, may be given higher priority consideration.

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