Samford University


Room Rates

Residence Hall Fees, Double Occupancy†
Room deposit $250 nonrefundable
West Village      $3,975/fall & spring
Beeson Woods, West Campus $2,563/fall & spring
Evergreen Hall $2,319/fall & spring
Vail, Smith, Pittman $2,231/fall & spring
Student Apartments $1,829/fall & spring
West Campus - Summer 2014 $734 each summer term
All halls $275 Jan Term‡

† Double rooms assigned for single occupancy are 150% of the rate for double-occupancy rooms.
‡ Residence in University housing is limited during January and Summer Terms to those students who are enrolled for at least one course at Samford University during the term of residence or to those students who are required to be in residence because of approved University activities such as band or intercollegiate athletics when classes are not in session. During Fall and Spring Semesters, residence is limited to full-time students.

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