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Purchasing Cards

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Overview of Policies and Proecdures


The Business Services Department is delighted to offer a University VISA Procurement Program for ordering supplies or business services as a flexible alternative for processing low dollar value items from vendors by using a University VISACard. The Card (The Samford University Purchasing Card) may also be used for travel related services ie... airline tickets, hotel charges, restaurant charges and car rentals.

The Purchasing Card Program is arranged through Regions Bank in Birmingham, Alabama. With the Purchasing Card you, the end-user, can purchase non-restricted commodities of $500 or less, directly from the vendor without a purchase order. It will also drastically reduce the effort required to make payments for your purchases.

The use of the Purchasing Card will not change the policy of using good procurement practices. Therefore all cards are issued with the approval of the department managers. Any Card can be rescinded at any time by your manager or the Program Coordinator.

How does it work?

  • The Cardholder makes a purchase by charging it on the University Visa (within the Limits)
  • Regions, the VISA issuer, pays the vendor for the charges made to the Card.
  • Regions will bill the University every 30 days.
  • Each Cardholder will receive a statement listing all the charges on their individual card(s) that have been made in the 30 day period . The Cardholder will review the statement and approve the charges on the Samford website. The Cardholder DOES NOT PAY this statement.
  • The Cardholder matches ALL the receipts with their individual statement and attaches the receipts to the statement to keep for their own records.
  • ALL of the charges for the University Purchasing Cards are paid from a master billing that is received in the Purchasing Department.

What can I purchase with the card?

The card may be used for purchases for goods or business services under $500 three times a day with a total maximum of $2000 in a 30 day billing cycle.


  • Office Supplies
  • Subscriptions
  • Dues or Fees
  • Miscellaneous items

The card may be used for the purchase of travel related goods and services with a transaction limit or maximum per billing cycle set by the President, V.P.’s, Dean or department head. Having a University Purchasing Card does not entitle all holders to have the privilege of using the card for travel purchases.

Who can get a Card?

  • Any employee authorized to sign on a University account.
  • Any employee delegated authority by a department head.


NO Personal use

The card is for business purposes ONLY.

Cards are issued to an employee rather than an office or department.

The employee listed on the card has sole responsibility for the use of the card.

Local Dining Policy

Because most of the funding of Samford University is based on student tuition and donor gifts, faculty and staff should be vigilant about excessive spending on food and entertainment and should avoid instances where the University is funding employees entertaining each other.

The University will pay for approved, necessary and reasonable business meal expenditures that are hosted by and paid for by a Samford University employee that includes guests, business colleagues, donors and prospective employees and which results in a business benefit to the university.  Examples include fundraising and recruitment.

If there are reasonable and necessary meal expenses for business meetings involving only University personnel and/or students during which focused business discussions take place, the frequency of such meetings and the related expenses must be appropriate to the purpose of the discussion and the nature of the business conducted. Examples of such meetings might include:

·         Formally organized  meetings which are necessary to carry out the business of official committees appointed by the University, School or Department;

·         Meetings of an organized work group of employees or students that require the work of the group to progress through normal meal time.  If possible, such meetings should be planned outside of normal meal times.

The following should not be placed on a university Purchasing Card:

1.       Regular staff meetings.

2.       Non-work related departmental or divisional gatherings, such as birthdays, retirements, introduction of new staff, and Christmas parties.  

3.       Meals for individual employees unless they are out of town on University business.

4.       Meals for spouses, unless spouses of guests have been included and there is an appropriate purpose for such inclusion.

5.       Purchase of drinks, coffee and snacks, unless part of an approved meal in accordance with the guidelines provided herein.

 It should not be the expectation of any employee that Samford University will provide meals and/or snacks on a regular or routine basis. 


The control limits are flexible and may be set for the particular individual card. The limits that can be set are:
  • Single purchase limit
  • Spending limit per billing cycle
  • Number of authorizations allowed per day
  • Number of credit card transactions per cycle
  • The cards may be limited by merchant codes called MCC’s.


The card holder is responsible for verifying all purchases and transactions on their individual statements.

Sales Tax

Retail only purchases are exempt from State of Alabama sales tax.


If you believe a transaction on your statement is an error, please complete the Regions Dispute Form, or write a detailed letter on a separate sheet attached to this form with any accompanying documentation. This form can also be mailed to: Commercial Card Services, Attn: Fraud Dept, P.O. Box 1049, Southeastern, PA 19398.

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