Samford University

Sexual Assault Information

The Higher Education Amendments of 1992 require that the following information about campus sexual assault be provided to each student through an annual report.

Samford University’s behavioral expectations for students are based on Christian values. One of the stated values is The Worth of the Individual. The university values the intrinsic worth of every individual within the community. This respect for individuals includes an appreciation of cultural backgrounds, an understanding of different attitudes and opinions and an awareness of the consequences of one’s actions on the broader community.  

Within this context, Samford University does not condone violations against the worth of an individual. The Worth of the Individual value can be violated by behaviors such as harassment, hazing, sexual misconduct and assault.  

Sexual misconduct of any kind is inconsistent with the university’s values and incompatible with the safe, healthy Christian environment that the Samford University community expects. Sexual misconduct prohibited by this policy encompasses sexual harassment, sexual assault, non-consensual sexual contact and sexual exploitation.   

To inform the campus community, students are given a student handbook that elaborates behavioral expectations and the values that form the basis for these behaviors. Further, through orientations, residence halls, fraternities and sororities, staff training and other types of programs, students are verbally informed of the values and how they can be violated through rape, acquaintance rape and other sexual misconduct. Whenever a student wishes to file a report of an alleged value violation, including a sex offense, the procedures can be found in the student handbook. In addition, value violation procedural guides can be received in the office of the associate dean for Student Services and Values Advocacy and the public safety office. In all values violations hearings, both the accused student and the accuser may bring witnesses. Both the accused and the accuser may question witnesses.

Whenever it has been determined through established procedures that a sex offense value has been violated, sanctions may range from probation to expulsion from the university. It is most important that the victim of a sex offense on campus report the incident as quickly as possible after the occurrence to either the Samford University Department of Public Safety or the City of Homewood Police. Care should be taken not to disturb the incident location so that evidence is not destroyed. The victim should not shower or change clothing until after a report has been filed. Unless there is a life-threatening circumstance, medical attention should not be sought until after the initial report is made. Samford University public safety personnel will counsel the student about the options for filing a formal complaint either on or off campus, and personnel will assist the student in filing a complaint with off-campus authorities. In addition, the student will be referred to the university counselor who will provide services for the student and/or share with the student counseling and mental health services in the community for a victim of sexual assault. The university counselor, located in Student Health Services in Pittman Hall, will assist in examining options for changing academic and living situations after a sexual assault. The university counselor, who is knowledgeable of campus policy, procedures and personnel, will make a request on behalf of the student.