Samford University


December 1, 2008

Our Story


U. S. Air Force Captain Stasha Duck, a Samford graduate, is deployed to Afghanistan.  A few days ago, she wrote to her home newspaper in Jasper, Alabama, regarding her early experiences with her new assignment.  On her second day in Afghanistan, the troops were called together for a brief ceremony for a fallen comrade.  "Everyone starts to walk off," she writes, "and that's when I made the mistake . . . I looked back and saw the flag-draped casket I had blindly saluted in the vehicle that was driving away.  I shouldn't have looked.  It was a cold reminder, on an otherwise perfect day, that this is not home.  I tried not to think about it, but it was no use.  I quickly made my way to the bathroom and wept.  Not for the fallen really, but more for his family.  I thought of his mom and I felt guilty--what if I put my mom through the same thing as his is going through right now?  Those thoughts raced through my mind.  I hope she would forgive me."


The world is better because of Captain Stasha Duck.     


Our Mission

The mission of Samford University is to nurture persons in their development of intellect, creativity, faith, and personhood. As a Christian university, the community fosters academic, career, and ethical competency while encouraging social and civic responsibility, and service to others.

Our Core Values

The Samford community values lifelong:

  • belief in God, the Creator of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord.
  • engagement with the life and teachings of Jesus.
  • learning and responsible freedom of inquiry.
  • personal empowerment, accountability, and responsibility.
  • vocational success and civic engagement.
  • spiritual growth and cultivation of physical well-being.
  • integrity, honesty, and justice.
  • appreciation for diverse cultures and convictions.
  • stewardship of all resources.
  • service to God, to family, to one another, and to the community.

Our Vision

Anchored in Christian understanding, Samford University will be a diverse community, stressing vigorous learning and personal faith, in the Baptist tradition. Within that commonality, the Community will be innovative in teaching, learning and research; sensitive to global issues; aggressive in self-assessment and continuous improvement. Faithful to its mission, Samford will be known and acknowledged worldwide by holding to its core values. The world will be better for it.

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