Samford University


  1. Freshmen

    The scholarship is available for entering freshmen only.
  2. Sense of calling

    Applicants must have a sense of calling to full-time ministry in one of the following professional ministry vocations: senior pastor, associate pastor, church administrator, minister of education, age group minister, music and worship minister, career missionary, hospital chaplain, campus minister, pastoral/family counselor, seminary/religion professor, health care missionary, bivocational senior pastor, church-related social worker, justice ministry, or church-related nonprofits. Students who intend to engage in part-time or voluntary ministry do not qualify for this scholarship.
  3. Religion major or minor

    Applicants must commit to and complete (1) a Religion major or (2) a Religion minor or its equivalent.  The scholarship is designed and prioritized for Religion majors; however, students in other disciplines that will lead to ministry may also apply.
  4. Requirements for admission

    Applicants must meet all requirements for admission to Samford and must be admitted at the time of any official announcement of award.
  5. Leadership

    Applicants must demonstrate leadership inclination or capacity, energy, industry and self-reliance in extracurricular activities.
  6. Highest moral standards

    Applicants must represent the highest moral and ethical standards and principles.
  7. ACT/SAT

    Priority will be given to applicants who score a minimum of 26 on the ACT or 1190 on the SAT.  However, applicants with lower test scores may apply and be considered based on all relevant criteria.