Foods and Nutrition

The Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition degree program combines the basic knowledge of culinary skills and personal nutrition with a broad application to other interest areas. The strength of this major is the flexibility in selecting a minor or cognate that fulfills the goals for students interested in a variety of careers. Graduates have pursued a variety of careers, including:

•  Health and/or Wellness Coach

•  Culinary School

•  Health Education Specialist

 •  Pharmaceutical Sales
•  Health Fitness Specialist  •  Business, Economics or Industry
•  Family Life Educator  •  Journalism and Mass Communications
•  Health care School Food Service Manager  •  Public Relations and Marketing
•  Cooperative Extension Education  •  Social Entrepreneurship and Non-Profit Management
•  Community Outreach Programs   •  Missions/Missions Education
•  Food Scientist  •  Education Class A Certification Fifth Year
•  Bioinformatics  •  Accelerated Second Degree RN Program

For more information, please contact:
Patricia H. Terry, PhD, RD, LD
Professor and Chair
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

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