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Samford Community Supports Troops In Afghanistan

Posted on 2006-06-23 by Sean Flynt  (205) 726-4197
In early June the website of the Radio & Records company posted an American serviceman's request for a shipment of smooth jazz CDs to Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. Andy Parrish, General Manager of Samford's WVSU radio station, was the first to respond, sending over a dozen jazz CDs. But Samford's response didn't stop there. Parrish invited others to participate, and the Samford community quickly responded with cards, letters and CDs from their own collections.

Radio & Records honored the Samford community's response in a June 16 news item headlined, " WVSU Listeners Walk The Walk". Follow the link below and scroll down the page to read the story.

WVSU Listeners Walk The Walk

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