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Samford in the News – Week of April 15, 2013

Posted on 2013-04-21 by Chandra Splond (205) 726-4560

Evans Evaluates Reparations

With discussions underway about Sarah Collins Rudolph, a
survivor of the 1963 church bombing at Birmingham's 16th Street
Baptist Church, obtaining compensation for her injuries, Jill
Evans, a professor at Samford University's Cumberland School of
Law, called a case for reparations difficult to prove. "It
certainly is an uphill battle to try to recover for a number of
reasons," Evans said in a story distributed by


George Gives Insight on MLK's 'Letter from Birmingham

Beeson Divinity School Dean Timothy George served on an April 16
panel of clergy discussing Martin Luther King's "Letter from
Birmingham Jail." The panel was one of several public events
commemorating the 50th anniversary of the letter. King
had a "gift of discernment for when and how far to push," George
said in a story distributed by and other media outlets.


Bass Discusses Jewish Activists' Roles with Civil Rights

Samford University history professor Jonathan Bass was quoted in
a story distributed by and other media outlets that "so many
Jews in the north were hateful to (Temple Emanu-El Rabbi Milton
Grafman)," one of eight clergy scolded in Dr. Martin Luther King
Jr.'s "Letter From Birmingham Jail" after he asked King to delay
demonstrations in Birmingham. Bass participated in several events
commemorating the 50th anniversary of the letter,
including a panel discussion at Birmingham's 16th Street
Baptist Church.


Bass Emphasizes Historic Significance of King

In a story distributed nationally by World News Network, Bass
called the letter "the essential distillation of Dr. King's
philosophy and endures, because the argument transcends time and
place. The letter provides us not only with the opportunity to
understand past injustices, but it also helps us to shed the light
of truth upon present injustices." The story reported the
April 16 dedication of a new historical marker commemorating the
50th anniversary of the letter.


Pharmacy Students Featured in Health Fair

In a news segment on Birmingham's CBS affiliate, McWhorter
School of Pharmacy students Andrew Henderson and Tony Carrol both
talked about the importance of health fairs in helping individuals
with their health care needs. The story was an outgrowth of
proposed legislation to give physician assistant more flexibility
to prescribe medications. "I think the role of several health care
providers - nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physician assistants
- are expanding, and it's all good to help patients in rural
areas," where there may not be a full-time physician, Carrol


Carroll Provides Commentary on Public Records

Cumberland School of Law dean John Carroll commented in news
segments on Birmingham's ABC affiliate about the continuing push
for public release of records by the Birmingham Airport Authority.
The ongoing case resulted from a recent accident in Birmingham's
new airport where a flight information board fell and killed a
10-year-old boy and injured other family members. "The public the
right of access to know what's going on with government," Carroll
said. "The more the public knows about government, the better
government is."


Biggio Discusses Boston Marathon Bombing

After the April 16 bombing at the Boston Marathon was
characterized as an act of terror, Samford University assistant
provost and political science faculty member Nancy Biggio discussed
the subject with several news sources, including Birmingham's CBS
affiliate. Although there are disagreements on the subject, the
common agreement is an act of terror is "a random act of violence
that is intended to create fear and done for some political
purpose," Biggio said.



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