Samford University

Staff Employment Procedure

Hiring Overview

Samford University is an equal employment opportunity employer that actively seeks to attract, hire, and retain a high caliber diverse workforce comprised of employees whose talents and experiences best equip the University to accomplish its mission.

As such, the University is committed to providing a workplace that offers equal employment opportunity for all persons. Samford University will not discriminate against or harass any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, disability, or age. With respect to religion and creed, as permitted by law, the university reserves the right to exercise discretion in employment decisions to employ persons whom the University believes share and will further the values and mission of the University.

These employment procedure guidelines are provided to assist hiring officials, search committees, and support staff, as they plan, initiate, and/or participate in the University's search and selection process. The goal is to hire the most qualified applicant for every job while minimizing risk to the University.

Much of this process involves anticipating next moves and taking actions in advance to process paperwork and meet staffing levels in your area. Please be aware of the process and plan accordingly.

Hiring Procedure

The following bullet-point summary of the initial hiring steps applies whether you are requesting a replacement or a new position:

  • A Staff Employment Requisition is completed by the hiring manager and routed through the required signatures.
  • After signatures are obtained, a job review is completed by the Director of HR. Each job review must be approved by the President. Do not extend an offer of employment until the President approves this job review.
  • The job is posted by Human Resources. It is the practice of the University to post jobs on the HR website for at least 3 days.

For detail on the above summary please refer to the following information.

Staff Employment Requisition

Any request to hire, whether for a new position or for a replacement, must be made by completing a Staff Employment Requisition (all forms are located at the Human Resources Form Library) and obtaining all necessary signatures. The requisition form is routed in the order of the signatures required in the signature section of the form.

The requisition must contain minimum requirements for the position; education, prior employment experience; and any required licensures and/or certifications. In addition, if any skills assessments are to be used, this must be indicated on the requisition (see "screening").  A job description must accompany the requisition (a template can be obtained at the Forms Library).

In order to curb the proliferation of job titles, there are standard job titles that must be used or approval must be obtained to add a new job title to the position control system (as in the case of a new position). Therefore, please be aware that there are some limits on job titles and efforts are made to standardize titles.

If the requisition is for a replacement, be certain that the termination portion of the Change of Status Form has been completed terminating the employment of the person the requisition is replacing.

Job Review

Every regular part-time and full-time position, either replacement or new, must undergo a job review. This review is conducted by the Director of Human Resources and must then be reviewed and approved by the President. A job cannot be posted nor an offer extended until this review is completed and approved.


Once the requisition is approved, the position will be posted. It is the practice of the University that positions will be posted for a minimum of 3 business days on the Samford University website as well in the Human Resources department.

Jobs may also be advertised in local and/or national publications. Ads must be placed/approved by Human Resources.

Job offers must not be made either officially or unofficially until after the job is posted.

Application Process

In order to apply for a specific open position, interested persons may email, mail or fax resumes or they may come to Human Resources and complete an Application for Employment.

Resumes that are not submitted in response to a solicitation (posting) for a specific, open position will not be considered or retained.

To be considered as an applicant, individuals submitting an Application for Employment or resume as a result of an advertisement or job posting must identify a current open position. If an individual submits a resume or Application for Employment which does not identify a current open position, the individual will not be considered to be an applicant.

Applicants wishing to be considered for employment with Samford University must apply through the Human Resources Department. 


Keeping thorough and accurate records is a very important part of the employment process.

Records that department interviewers must maintain are:

  • Applicant Referral Information form on each applicant; complete and return to HR after the selection is made.
  • Interview notes on each interview (these may be kept in the department or filed with HR). Do not make notes on the application or resume.
  • Records of any testing results should be sent/returned to HR.

The Human Resources Employment Coordinator is charged with maintaining a record of all persons who submit a resume or application for each specific open position and all information submitted in connection with that application or resume.


Once the job has been posted, the Human Resources Employment Coordinator will screen all submitted resumes and applications to determine the most qualified applicants who should be interviewed for the position. The screening may take place by:

  • Comparing the minimum requirements of the job to the qualifications of those submitting applications/resumes.
  • Telephone interviews of qualified applicants for determination of compatibility with Samford University's mission, salary ranges, or other job related factors.


Testing or assessment of knowledge and skills will be conducted by Human Resources on an as needed basis. If assessment of a candidate's skills on Excel, PowerPoint, Word or any other office computer application is desired, the department manager/interviewer must collaborate with the Employment Coordinator so that the appropriate assessment can be developed.

Some department interviewers prefer to interview and then have applicants tested and some prefer to have applicants tested and then interviewed. Either is acceptable as long as all applicants for the same job are handled consistently.

Human Resources will notify departmental interviewers of the testing results.


After screening and testing, qualified applicants will be referred by Human Resources to the department interviewer. The department interviewer will select the most qualified applicants to be interviewed from these referrals.

The Employment Coordinator will screen applicants based on the minimum qualifications written by the hiring department.

Background Screening

Samford conducts a background screen on every final candidate for employment in all staff and faculty jobs.  This screen must be successfully completed in order to be employed.  The screen includes but is not limited to criminal background, driving record, and social security number verification.  Credit/Financial history and drug testing may also be required by some departments.

A signed background search release form must be on file for the final candidate before the background screening can be conducted.  The Background Check Authorization form may be found on this website in the Forms Library.

Extending job offers before the background check is completed is not recommended.


After all applicants have been interviewed by the departmental interviewer, that person should confer with the Employment Coordinator to determine if a selection can be made. If so, any required background checks (such as verification of education, prior employment, licensures, and certifications, as applicable, and reference checks) will be initiated.

After the most qualified applicant is selected and all background checks are satisfactorily completed, an offer should be extended to the applicant (see Offer Letter). The starting salary should be discussed with Human Resources before an offer is extended.

It is your responsibility to notify the Employment Coordinator in HR by email as soon as possible after an offer has been extended and accepted.  The hiring department must complete a Staff New Hire Form then send through the signature route to complete the employment process.   

Applicants who are not selected should be informed of their status in a timely manner. See Announcement Letterfor language that can be used in a letter or email to interviewed applicants that are not selected.


Employment decisions subject the University to additional costs and can create significant liability. That is why we have guidelines to help us reduce our exposure to such liability. Please use the following checklist before, during and after the hiring process:

  • Termination form for an exiting employee has been completed
  • Minimum requirements for the job have been written
  • Requisition with obtained appropriate signatures has been submitted
  • A job review has been conducted and approved by the President
  • A determination has been made if any testing is necessary
  • Information on all referred applicants has been reviewed
  • All qualified internal applicants have been interviewed
  • An Employment Application has been completed by the candidate
  • A decision to hire based on the most qualified applicant and without regard to race, gender, age or any other protected factor will be made
  • A background screening release form has been signed by the prospected new employee and results have been returned
  • An Offer Letter and Announcement Letters are completed as appropriate
  • The Staff New Hire form has been completed by hiring department and sent through the approval route

Final Step

All newly hired employees are subject to E-verify and I-9 verification. As required by Federal law, the I-9 must be signed no later than the first day of work and E-verify within 3 days of work.

Once a hiring decision has been made the final step is to complete paperwork. 

  • Full-time and Part-time employees must attend an orientation before (if possible) or immediately after hire date.

As the date, time, and place for orientation may vary depending on the volume of new hires, please contact Human Resources (726-2390) for verification.