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Grant writing process

Preparing a proposal is a multi-step process that involves people working in various offices and departments on campus. The most basic rule to keep in mind is to contact AGSPO as early in the process as possible, and as often as necessary during the various stages of preparation and review. Doing so accomplishes several things:   

  • It allows the AGSPO to plan the workflow more efficiently;
  • It provides you with the maximum amount of time for seeking feedback on proposal drafts, budget items, and policy questions;
  • You have more time to write and revise the proposal; and
  • The responsible university officials have plenty of time to review the proposal prior to submission.

The following table shows the minimum amount of time needed for adequate proposal preparation and review for each stage of the process.

Request/Action Due Prior to Sponsor Deadline
Notify AGSPO of a pending proposal submission
(Please see Grant Application Sign-Off Form)
at least 3 weeks (15 business days)
AGSPO submits Proposal and appropriate form for institutional review at least 1 week (5 business days)
Institutional review complete 1-2 days prior to the sponsor deadline
(this ensures adequate time to coordinate mailings, electronic submissions, trips to the post office, etc).
Cost Sharing Requests for review by Provost Office & Business Office 2-3 weeks (10-15 business days)
Course Buy-Out Requests for review by Provost Office & Departmental Dean 2-3 weeks (10-15 business days)
*Please note: These requests should be discussed and approved well before the institutional review process begins as they impact the proposal budgeting process. Additionally, all federal & governmental
grant proposals must receive approval by the Office of the President prior to submission, so please plan accordingly. Thank you!


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