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Psychology Research with UAB Youth Safety Lab (Summer 2013)

Rachel Smith (Psychology, '14) was a research assistant for Dr. Schwebel at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Youth Safety Lab. She studied the effects of sleep deprivation on young adults' pedestrian safety in conjunction with UAB's Youth Safety Lab and Children's Hospital of Alabama Sleep Center.

Physics Research at Michigan State University (Summer 2013)

Jeff Dzugan (Physics, '15) participated in a research program at Michigan State University. While there, he used random walks on spheres to find solutions to Laplace's Equation and investigate exit point distributions of particles undergoing Brownian motion. 

Medical Research at Washington University in St. Louis (Summer 2012)

Jordan Ross (Biochemistry, '13) secured a position in the Medical Research Apprenticeship Program at Washington University in St. Louis. His team of researchers explored the role of connexins (gap junction proteins) in the osteoblast signaling that induces osteoclast formation in bone tissue. These two types of bone cells have somewhat opposing roles in bone remodeling. Cell-to-cell communication determines the relative amounts of each. 

SIBS Undergraduate Research Program at UAB (Summer 2012)

Rachael Sarrett (Psychology, pre-med, '13) worked with Dr. Timothy Kraft at UAB in the SIBS Undergraduate Research Program. The main focus of their research used gene therapy to find a reasonable source of retinal photoreceptor replacement in humans, which would cure blindness due to retinal disease. 

Synthesis of an MRI Contract Agent Functioning Via Click Chemistry (Summer 2011)

Jordan Ross (Biochemistry, '13) spent the summer at The University of Tennessee developing an organic synthesis of a novel MRI contrast agent. The cyclen ring decorated with three carboxylic acids can chelate and complex a radioactive gadolinium atom, and an azide tail coupled to the cylen derivative performs click chemistry with alkyne-tagged antibodies. The objective of this continued research is to develop a set of contrast agents that allow antibody-tagged tumors to be more visible in MRI scans. 

The Need for Acceptance and the Cost of Social Rejection (Summer 2010)

Callie Gibson (Psychology and History, '12) received funding from a Teagle Foundation grant to explore the consequences of social rejection. Building upon prior work in social and evolutionary psychology, Callie studied whether prior acceptance by a social group could serve as a buffer against the consequences of social rejection. Her research mentor was Dr. Stephen Chew, chair of psychology. They presented their findings at the American Psychological Association conference. 

Baylor College of Medicine Summer Research Program (Summer 2010)

Anna Worth (Biochemistry, '12) worked with Dr. Juan Vera at the Texas Children's Feigin Center in Houston. They evaluated the downstream functionality of genetically modified tumor-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Anna examined the expression of a transmembrane protein present on activated T cells and an interleukin-2 receptor in the modified T-cells expressing different TLR endodomains.

Summer Internship in Biomedical Sciences at UAB (Summer 2010)

Luke Ellenburg (Biology, '12) participated in a summer research project at the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center with Dr. Hubert M. Tse to determine the role and importance of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in innate immune signaling through analysis of the Toll-like Receptor (TLR) 4 pathway. The difference in expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines is relevant to Type 1 Diabetes research because these cytokines are partially responsible for T cell activation. The subsequent T cell mediated destruction of pancreatic beta cells associated with the disease.

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