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University Curriculum Committee

Committee on University Curriculum

See Document Archives for committee minutes.

Committee Members

    Mandy Hilsmier, Education, Chair
    Angela Ferguson, Arts and Sciences, Co-Chair
    Marione Nance, Arts and Sciences
    Henry Glotfelty, Arts and Sciences
    Dennis Price, Business
    David Hogg, Divinity
    Corky Strickland, Law
    Stephanie Rollins, Library
    Sharon Schlosser, Nursing
    Richard Dendy, The Arts
    Michael Kendrach, Pharmacy
    Alison Jackson, Kinesiology

Ex-Officio Members

    Provost or Designee
    Dean of Academic Services
    Assistant Provost
    Chair of the Assessment Committee
    Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee 

Meeting Dates

All meetings will take place in Divinity S111 at 12:00 p.m.  The dates and deadlines to submit proposals for the 2013-2014 UCC meetings are below:

Meeting- 10/14/13   Deadline- 9/20/13
Meeting- 12/6/13     Deadline- 11/15/13 (extra week for Thanksgiving holiday)
Meeting- 3/7/14       Deadline- 2/21/14
Meeting- 5/2/14       Deadline- 4/18/14


UCC Forms


Any Individual submitting a proposal is strongly encouraged to attend the UCC meeting to discuss the proposal under consideration, to provide clarification, if required, and to receive "first hand" any changes necessary for the proposal to proceed. If that individual is unable to be present, an informed representative is strongly encouraged to attend.


This committee shall have responsibility to review and approve curricula in three areas:

1.  General Curriculum.  The committee studies revisions and 
     changes to the general curriculum of the University and brings
     recommendations to the Provost, deans and Faculty Senate.
     Periodically, the committee reviews course offerings to identify 
     duplications and proliferation.

2.  Academic Programs.  The committee advises the Provost on the
     curricula of programs offering academic credit.

3.  School Curricula.  The committee advises the Provost and deans
     on curriculum matters within the schools that have University
     level implications.  Curriculum decisions of all schools are
     submitted to the University Curriculum Committee for advisory
     review of their consistency with University policy.  In this 
     process, the unique responsibility of the faculties of each of the
     schools and colleges for their individual curriculum policies and
     programs is recognized.

Composition (Faculty):Arts and Sciences (3)       Education (1)        Arts (1)
Business (1)                    Law (1)                Nursing (1)
Divinity (1)                      Library (1)            Pharmacy (1)

Ex-Officio (non-voting):Provost of Designee; Dean of Academic Services, Student; Assistant Provost; Chair of the Assessment Committee; Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee

Total:  11 voting; 7 non-voting

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