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Tailgate Registration Form


 Samford University Football Tailgate Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures

As a tailgating group or organization, Samford University asks that you adhere to the following policies, guidelines, and procedures for the 2013 Football Season. These policies are to insure that proper safety precautions are adhered to, and to protect/preserve University property. Any and all equipment/devises are subject to the University’s approval. Therefore, these policies may be increased or the use prohibited if the University’s staff determines that there is a need for increased safety or for the protection of property.


Quad Accessibility for Tailgating Activities 

There are 3 ADA Accessible Parking areas to the Quad that include accessibility parking and sidewalk ramps. The first is located at Talbird Circle near the west entrance of the University Center, just north of Pittman Hall. The second entrance is located near Bolding Rose Garden and the west side of the Leslie Stephen Wright Fine Arts Center. The third suggested accessibility entrance is located at the Dwight Beeson Hall parking lot, between the Dwight Beeson Hall building and the University Library.

To Stadium for Football Game and Activities 

There are ADA Accessible Parking areas on both the East Side of Seibert Stadium outside of Gate B and on the West Side of Seibert Stadium in the South Stadium Lot. The accessible parking area in the South Stadium Lot will be on a first come first served basis and patrons with proper credentials will be allowed access to the East and South Stadium Lot if space is still available.

Bulldog Walk

 Bulldog Walk is a proud tradition at Samford University Tailgate. It begins 2 and 1/4 hours before kickoff. During the 2014 season, most games begin at 2:00pm; therefore, Bulldog Walk will begin promptly at 11:45am. Bulldog Walk begins at the South entrance of the University Center and ends at Cooney Fieldhouse.  The Bulldog Walk start time for games that begin at 6:30pm is 4:15pm. The start time for games that begin at 2:30pm is 12:15pm. 


Please email to cancel your tailgate reservation. Cancellations must be received no later than Noon on the Thursday before game day.

Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol is NOT permitted on Samford's Campus.

Emergency Information

In case of an emergency, call 911. The Public Safety Department can be contacted directly at 205-726-2020.


Samford University reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time – inappropriate behavior will result in the permanent loss of all parking and tailgating privileges.

Failure to comply with directions from any Samford personnel may result in the eviction from university property without refund of services.

Family Weekend

Family Weekend is a series of on campus events dedicated to bringing Samford families together. Registration is required and can be done online at For Parent Programs and Family Weekend Tailgate questions, please call: (205) 726-2375. Also note that due to space limitations, the tailgate registration form should be used to register all tents and areas planned for tailgate purposes. Facilities tables and chairs for this event are assigned to department events outside of tailgating on the Quad and will not be available day of. Tent, table, chair, and linen rental information can be provided by emailing


There are no fees for registered guests to rent space on the Quad for Tailgating events. Please use the tailgate registration form to register. 


Only silent generators are allowed on campus, however, no larger than 2500 watts. Larger generators, grills and flammable material such as propane and gasoline are not allowed within 20 feet of campus buildings or in other designated no-grill areas.


Grills must be placed in designated grill areas only (see Maps). Grilling is not allowed in parking decks. All grills must be placed away from tents and trees and cannot be used under a covered surface. Generators, grills and flammable material such as propane and gasoline are not allowed within 20 feet of campus buildings or in other designated no-grill areas. All fires must be contained within grills or other containers designed specifically for that purpose. Grills must be elevated and use self-lighting charcoal or propane. Extinguish charcoal fires thoroughly with water before leaving unattended. Place charcoal in designated containers or remove it from campus for disposal. DO NOT DUMP charcoal on the ground or in dumpsters. Oils of any kind cannot be disposed of in a storm drain or sanitary sewer. Please repackage and remove from site. At least 1 five-pound all-purpose fire extinguisher (ABC) must be provided.

Guest Conduct

Tailgating at Samford is a family friendly environment. Individuals, groups and organizations participating in a tailgate are responsible for their own conduct and are expected to respect the rights of others and the Samford community. Failure to do so will result in the permanent loss of all tailgating privileges.


For Samford Homecoming, space can be limited. In addition, Samford uses one specific University approved vendor for resource rental. If you require a rented tent for Samford Homecoming, please email Elizabeth Gettys in the Office of Alumni Programs for information at Elizabeth can provide projected costs for Samford departments and place orders for tents, tables, linens and chairs for Homecoming, with charges passed along to the individual or group. Facilities tables and chairs for this event are assigned to department events outside of tailgating on the Quad and will not be available day of. 


Please click here to view downloadable and printable versions of campus maps to help you locate buildings and parking areas. 

Please click here to view the campus tailgate map.


While music is allowed, appropriate volume and song selection is required. Live performances must be approved in advance and will be limited based on overall crowd expectation. Please email with questions.

 Parking Options on University Property 

Game day parking on Samford’s campus is free of charge and first come first served in all parking areas with the exception of specific lots allocated to Samford Bulldog Club members and Samford Athletics Corporate Partners. You can access the Samford University campus map for information on the general parking areas and for more information on Bulldog Club membership, please call 205-726-2050.


Pets must be kept on a controlled leash. Animals should not be left unattended or secured to university property. Pet owners are solely responsible for their pets and any damage or injuries that may occur. Please clean up after your pet.


Anyone renting space on Samford University campus is responsible for the conduct of their guests. Children should be supervised at all times. Please use extreme caution when driving into or leaving the parking lots on campus.

Security and Safety

It is the responsibility of each tailgate party to secure tailgate items. Tailgaters should lock food, beverages, and valuables out of sight; extinguish all fire or flames; unplug electrical outlets; secure tents, tables, chairs,etc.

Samford University is not responsible or liable for accidents, damage, loss, or theft of materials, items, or personal property at any time.

Selling on University Property

No sales activities or solicitation are allowed on the University campus, including any / all tailgating areas, without permission from the office of Event Management. To make a request, please email

Tables & Chairs 

Departments registered to attend tailgate on the Quad can request facilities tables by emailing Facilities chairs are reserved for campus events not related to tailgate on the Quad. 

Tailgating Setup and Breakdown Schedules

The designated vehicle entrance to the Quad (Between Brooks and Burns Hall) will open 6 hours before kickoff and will close 3 hours prior to kickoff for weekend games only. Vehicle access is not allowed for games that fall on the weekday (Monday - Friday) schedule. The September 11, 2014 game is not an exception. No vehicles are allowed to drive on the Quad during business hours. For all other weekend games, if the game begins at 2:00pm, the Quad will open for vehicles at 8:00am and close at 11:00am.

For reason of personal safety, vehicles are not allowed to re-enter the Quad immediately after the game begins. Please note that the typical wait time to renter the Quad at kickoff is at least 30 minutes. 

All vehicles to participate in tailgate breakdown will be allowed to re-enter the Quad at the end of the game and for up to one hour, after the game is over.

Groups are allowed to pull one car or delivery vehicle (no trucks over 10 feet in length) onto the North Sidewalk for loading/unloading purposes; however, vehicles MUST be moved immediately after loading/ unloading is complete. Vehicles are NOT allowed to drive or park on the Quad. Please do not transport individuals in the back of pickup trucks.


Staking tents is not permitted. Tents must be secured using sandbags, water barrels, etc.

Tents must be certified NFPA 701 for flame resistance (must be labeled) or equivalent approval.

There must be 12 feet of unobstructed space between the guy lines of adjoining tents. When the side flaps of tents are utilized and the occupant load is 15 or more, two exits must be provided.


Any vehicles parked on restricted area, such as the Quad, sidewalk, etc., will be towed at the owner or operator's expense. If your vehicle gets towed, you may contact 205-726-4146 for its location and payment.

Trash and Clean Up

All tailgating groups are responsible for making sure their assigned tailgating area is clean prior to departing the quad. All trash and recyclables must be disposed of in proper receptacles. Tailgating spaces not completely cleaned prior to kick-off could result in the group's loss of future tailgating privileges. 

Travel Lanes/Sidewalks

All sidewalks, drive lanes, and fire lanes must be kept clear of all equipment and vehicles. 

University Center Restrooms

Restrooms located inside the University Center are available for use during tailgate. Restrooms are located behind the Food Court and in the Student Affairs hallway.

Building Accessibility:
Ramp access on the left front side of building. Turn right to access bookstore, food court and post office.  

Accessible entrances on east side of the building:  

1.     The front entrance provides access to the 1st floor (bookstore, food court, post office).  There is an elevator to left of food court.

2.     Enter from Ben Brown Plaza for an automatic door (near post office).  The elevator is located on the right at this entrance and provides access the 2nd floor cafeteria only.