Bachelor of Science, Youth Studies

The Bachelor of Science with a major in Youth Studies provides students with an interdisciplinary view into the cultures and dynamics of young people with an emphasis on the development of strategies for working effectively with youth in a variety of settings. Sociological principles provide the overall guiding framework for the program.

Program Outcomes

At the completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an appreciation for the creative and autonomous aspects of young people's peer cultures. 
  2. Recognize the impact gender, race, ethnicity, family dynamics, and social class have on youth development. 
  3. Appreciate and understand the implications of the psychological and physiological uniqueness of youth and adolescents. 
  4. Develop skills to effective communicate with and advocate for youth in a variety of settings. 
  5. Develop skills to implement and evaluate preventative and positive youth development programs. 
  6. Demonstrate awareness of the legal, ethical, and regulatory compliance related to the care and assistance of young people. 
  7. Identify potential professional and career options including graduate study or employment in the fields of missions, social service, education, or public policy. 

Course of Study

Course of Study

Youth Studies 24-Month Degree Plan

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Next Steps: Career and Future Graduate Study Possibilities

With a degree in Youth Studies, you may begin a career as a:

Child Care Worker/Provider
Social Services Caseworker
Youth Ministry Worker
Summer Camp Supervisor/Administrator
Legislative Advocate for Children & Youth
Juvenile Court Liaison
Nonprofit Program Developer
After-school/Community Program Coordinator
Hospital Administration
Foster Services or Group Home worker

With a graduate degree, you can continue to work with youth as a:

Classroom teacher, master's degree, certification required
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Master of Social Work, licensure required
Licensed Counselor, graduate study in counseling, licensure required
Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D. required