Samford University



 The English Language Learner Institute prides itself on its excellent instruction that is focused on preparing students for full-time university study and overall academic and cultural success. 

The ELLI offers the following academic benefits:

-Assessments and Placement

 Before arriving at Samford, students will be contacted for an intial Skype interview.  Upon arrival at Samford, all students are assessed for English proficiency through computer-based assessments combined with written and oral interviews.  The assessments will be reviewed by the ELLI instructors, and students will be placed in the appropriate class levels for Reading, Writing, Listening/Speaking and Grammar.  There are four levels of courses for each language skill.  

-Course Progression

Students may progress through the four levels of the program each semester if they perform at a high level in each class. 

Students take ELLI classes from one semester to two years. 

Students who are placed in Level 3 or 4 classes usually only need 1-2 semesters of ELLI courses before entering Samford as full-time non-ESL students.

Students who place into Level 1 or 2 classes usually need 3-4 semesters of ELLI courses before entering Samford as full-time non-ESL students. 

-Class Size

All ELLI classes have no more than 10 students in each class.  Our student-teacher ratio is small so that each student can have the personal attention he or she needs to maximize language learning. 

-Specialized Tutoring.

The ELLI provides tutoring to all students who are in need of extra support.

-Dual enrollment. 

A dual-enrollment option is available for some students who are in level 3 or level 4 ESL classes. These students may take credit-bearing university classes while completing ELLI requirements.