Samford University

Policy for Foreign Language Substitution


Some of the Schools at Samford University have a foreign language requirement.  It is our experience that students with disabilities who come to Samford often have developed strategies to compensate for their difficulties with specific learning and/or content areas.  Many of these students meet the foreign language requirement.  Students who have a documented disability that significantly impacts their ability to fulfill the foreign language requirement can petition for a substitution. The following procedures should be followed:

1.  Contact Disability Resources for academic adjustments in foreign language study.

2.  Provide current documentation of a disability to substantiate the need for a course substitution.  No course substitutions are granted without appropriate documentation.

3.  Disability Resources determines if the student is eligible for foreign language substitution.  Eligible students are provided a Foreign Language Substitution (FLS) contract signed by the Director of DR.

4.  Students who are determined eligible must meet with their Advisor to plan their course of action. Students select substitute courses and/or activities from the approved substitution courses listed on the FLS contract. A SUBSTITUTION COURSE/ACTIVITY MAY NOT BE USED TO FULFILL ANOTHER REQUIREMENT.

5.  If an Experiential Learning Project is chosen as an option, the student must receive prior approval/signature from the Coordinator of Experiential Learning in World Languages and Cultures.

6.  After full completion of the substitution courses/projects the student's Academic Advisor must sign the Foreign Language Substitution contract.       

7.  As a final step the student must submit the completed FLS contract to the Chair of World Languages and Cultures for his/her signature.  Students may request a copy of the signed document for their  records. The Chair forwards the completed FLS contract to Academic Services signifying that the student has completed requirements for foreign language study at Samford University.