Samford University

Residence Life/Meal Plan Policy


 Residence Life/Meal Plan Policy and Procedures

Living and dining on campus are an integral component of the Samford University undergraduate experience.  Through the Office of Residence Life the student application for housing states that students who live in campus housing must also purchase a meal plan.  Students with disabilities may require residential and/or meal plan accommodations in order to fully participate in campus life. Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis and are to allow for equal access to university programs and services.  Dietary preferences not relating to the corresponding disability should be addressed with Dining Services.

**Decisions regarding reasonable accommodations in meal plans are made by committee.  The Meal Plan committee meets one time per month.

    1. Contact Residence Life requesting considerations for housing and/or a meal plan 

    2. Contact Disability Resources (DR) to register for services and begin the process to determine reasonable accommodations

    3. You may provide DR professional documentation addressing specific dietary restrictions and/or functional impairments requiring housing adjustments

           (On the DR homepage documentation guidelines may be found under "Forms and Documents")

    4. Students who are determined eligible by DR for meal plan adjustments should meet with Dining Services to determine available dietary options 

    5. Students who are determined eligible by DR for housing adjustments should contact Residence Life to determine available housing options

    6. To complete the accommodation process for housing and/or meal plans students must schedule a follow-up appointment with DR 

    7. If determined eligible for housing and/or meal plan accommodations student must submit an accommodation memo provided by DR to the Office of Residence Life

**Students requesting housing accommodations for the fall semester must have completed all processes through DR by JUNE 1.**  Students submitting information after the deadline will receive housing accommodations only if space becomes available.