Samford University

ADA Compliance Council


 Americans withDisability Act (ADA) Compliance Council members and representative areas:

Operations & Planning- Mark Fuller, Amber Kustos 

Human Resources- Fred Rogan

University Advancement- Stan Davis

Technology Services- Chad Owens

Library- Cheryl Cecil

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management- Garry Atkins

Faculty Senate Diversity Committee Representative- P.J. Hughes

School of Education Disability Specialist- Mandy Hilsmier

Legal- Lisa Imbragulio

Disability Resources- Anne Sherman

Provost office- Nancy Biggio

Athletics- Michele Durban

   Purpose and function of ADA Compliance Council members:    

·        Disseminate ADA information to units across campus

·        Act as advocates for disabled on campus

·        Appropriately address action items identified by the council and director of disability services

·        Review and address as necessary barrier reports

·        Collect area-specific information about disability issues within units through professional affiliations

 Barrier Notice

Samford University is committed to equal access and the civil rights of people with disabilities, and so strives to remove barriers to its programs wherever they may exist through systematic barrier removal, proper and timely maintenance, encouraging universal design, etc.  In the event you encounter a barrier on the SU campus, such as an inoperative elevator, bicycles blocking an access ramp, or problems in the Technology Labs, we need you to notify us so the University can remove barriers or explore solutions as quickly as possible. 
Reports about barriers may be made by submitting detailed information including exact location, date, and time of barrier, and how situation presents a barrier to equal access to For readily achievable barrier removal after normal business hours for circumstances such as a bike blocking a ramp, contact the Samford University information desk, The Hub, at 205-726-2407.
Information submitted does not constitute a formal complaint or grievance.  However, Samford University will follow up in as timely a manner as possible.









Updated October 2013