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Meal Plans

Combo Meal Plans

Samford Dining offers three options to fit our customer base, the student population. The options are offered dependent upon student status.

19-Meal Plan + $130 Munch Money Semester Price $ 2,163.   In an effort to ensure freshmen have every opportunity for a good meal, Samford requires freshmen subscribe to the 19-meal plan. This plan includes three meals a day every day of the week, except breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. Sophomores and upperclassmen have the availability of the 19-meal plan if they so choose, however, this meal plan is mandatory for entering freshmen, first-year students and students who have earned less than 24 credits.

12-Meal Plan + $130 Munch Money Semester Price $1,737.   Sophomores (those with 24 credit hours or more) have the option of either the 12-meal plan or the 19-meal plan. The 12-meal plan allows the student flexibility in choosing which 12 meals to eat in any given week of the semester.

7-Meal Plan + $130 Munch Money Semester Price $1,134.  Upperclassmen with 64 or more hours may opt for the 7-meal plan, the perfect plan for juniors and seniors who need flexibility. Upperclassmen are of course free to choose either of the other two plans.

Upperclassmen are free to choose any of the three plans.

Munch Money Our system is designed to make things convenient. With great variety and ample seating, the food court offers speed and choice. The caf will likewise take less time and offer a little more elbow room to the diner. The amount of money you deposit is credited to your account for food purchases. Each purchase made in either the caf or food court is deducted from your balance. Credit may be added to the card by cash, check or credit/debit card. A special bonus of $130 Munch Money will be provided to each board plan student. This initial $130 of Munch Money must be used each semester. It will not roll over from one term to the next as will credit purchased by the student. You needn't worry with cash for food again! To add to your Munch Money account, please contact the Bookstore at (205) 726-2834. Please feel free to contact our office at (205) 726-2385 with any concerns and/or questions.

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