Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Grants and Awards

Professional Development Grants

Summer 2007 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Support

Faculty can request $500 to support revising a course or writing an article related to the scholarship of teaching and learning. Funds will be made available on a competitive basis. Requests for support must be submitted by April 1, 2007. Multiple authors can split the stipend, but only one stipend will be given for each project. The request for support should include the following elements:

  • Current curriculum vitae of investigator(s)
  • Cover letter to CTLS director explaining the investigator(s) reasons for seeking funding, and the potential benefits to the respective course/department/school/university.
  • Completed proposal worksheet and proposal approval form (form forthcoming)
  • Letter of support from department chair
  • Timetable for the project
  • Expression of willingness to share efforts/project results with Samford faculty
  • University Faculty Awards

Every year, Samford University recognizes two faculty for their contributions to teaching and learning. The two awards include the John H. Buchanan Award for Excellence in Teaching and the George Macon Memorial Award. The selection process for each of these awards is delineated below (Ad Hoc Committee and Academic Council, 1997).

John H. Buchanan Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • The Provost's office sends a nomination/questionnaire form along with a list of eligible current (part-time and full-time) faculty members to all senior students. To be considered for the award, nominees must be undergraduate faculty and have taught at Samford for a minimum of four years. Part-time faculty, currently teaching, must have taught at least one course each of the four years. Seniors return the completed forms to the Provost's office. The nomination form is typically made available via the Provost/Executive V.P.'s website.
  • The Provost appoints an unannounced selection committee composed of faculty and students. This committee meets and discusses the top nominees in regards to their perceived teaching excellence.
  • The committee votes by secret ballot.
  • The Provost collects the ballots, determines the highest vote recipient, and announces the Buchanan Award winner at the fall convocation.

George Macon Memorial Award

  • In this award, faculty submit nominations to the Provost. Along with naming the nominee, the faculty member submitting the nomination composes a brief essay explaining how the nominee fulfills the Macon Award criteria. To be considered for the award, nominees must have taught at Samford for a minimum of four years.
  • The Provost appoints an unannounced selection committee.
  • After thorough discussions of the nominees, the committee votes by secret ballot to determine the Macon Award recipient and the announcement is made at the spring convocation.

Faculty Spotlight

The CTLS hopes to showcase individual Samford University faculty member's teaching or scholarship. The CTLS encourages faculty, staff, students and administrators to inform the CTLS of such a faculty person who, for example, exhibits creative and thoughtful teaching, or strives to enhance the student experience at Samford University. This section is anticipated to be activated in late fall.

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