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What is Counseling?

Counseling is a relationship between someone seeking help and a trained professional. The skills of the counselor involve genuineness, empathy, and respect, creating a safe environment to explore issues. It is designed to explore your personal issues in gaining insight and clarity as well as developing a plan of action for positive change.

What Counseling Services provides

Services provided include consultation, evaluation, limited assessment, crisis intervention, as well as short-term, exploratory psychotherapy. Services include and not limited to the following:

  • Academic/study skills, time management, substance/alcohol abuse, eating disorders*, anxiety, depressed feelings, self-confidence, adjustment to college life
  • Workshops, lectures, and group counseling as need indicate.

Counseling Services is not intended to treat serious chronic psychiatric disorders. Individuals clearly requiring or requesting such treatment will be aided in obtaining services off campus. Costs of any such services will be the responsibility of the student.

Samford University Counseling Services is not designed to advocate for a student in regards expert testimony or character evaluations. The primary focus of University Counseling is helping and treating the student.

Counselors do not undertake assessments of students or their family members for legal purposes. Students needing expert testimony for court related purposes can contact a professional outside of Samford University at their own expense.

Nature And Extent Of Services Provided

  • Individual counseling: The number of visits or sessions is not limited. Counselors may exercise discretion in this matter, making referrals to providers in the community to best support the student.
  • Discussion/support/psychotherapy groups: These groups are developed as the need dictates. If you have an interest in a group on a particular topic, please contact Counseling Services. If no group is available on campus at the time of a request, Counseling Services will assist in trying to locate one in the community.
  • Workshops and seminars: These are usually done in conjunction with other campus classes or groups. They are open to all eligible students, faculty, and staff, who may attend any and all they wish. Please direct requests to Counseling Services
  • Psychiatric and Psychological assessment: Referrals are available for off-campus assessment at the student's expense.
  • Crisis intervention: In the event of a crisis on campus, please contact Campus Safety at 205.726.2020 or contact your local hospital emergency. Assistance can be available through the Counseling Center during regular office hours.
  • Services in the event of a major disaster: In the event of such an occurrence (eg. tornado), students and residents will be provided planned interventions through the Samford University Crisis Committee.
  • Fees: All on-site counseling services are prepaid through student fees.
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