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"We read to know we are not alone."

C. S. Lewis  

Inquiry, Discussion, Faith, Reason.  Think about these words.  They do not necessarily make you important.  They probably do not make you wealthy.  They cannot make you attractive, or powerful, or even relevant in a world obsessed with convenience and pleasure.  So what do these words mean?  If you choose Samford University they mean the difference between a good education and a great one.  At Samford, inquiry, discussion, faith, and reason are what separate students trained for a profession from students trained for life.  All Samford students, regardless of their major, take a two semester course sequence in the Core Texts Program.  Here, you not only survey great works of literature, philosophy, history, and theology, you also learn why these works matter for the 21st century.  As you plan for the next step in your education ask yourself what you value.  Do not simply ask what kind of job you want or what will make you happy for the moment.  Ask yourself what kind of person you want to be.  What matters most to you?  What is really worthwhile?  Nine months of your life, two semesters of the Samford Core Texts Program, will equip you with moral reasoning skills and intellectual discernment that give quality to the the kind of life you live.  Many colleges and universities can prepare you for a career, but the Samford Core Texts Program will prepare you as a person.  We warmly invite you to join us in a conversation about the best that has been written through the ages.             


Visit a Core Texts Class

If you would like to visit a Core Texts class please contact The Office of Admission.  The Office of Admission offers several visit options for students from campus tours to spending the night in one of our dorms.  All Daily Visits may be scheduled online or by phone through the Office of Admission @ 800-888-7218.  

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Core Texts Travel Opportunities

  • London Core Texts:  Each fall faculty nominate the top students from their classes to participate in the London Core Texts Program held every May at the conclusion of Spring semester.  This unique two week experience allows talented and ambitious students an opportunity to study important authors and see famous sites from English history and literature while staying at Samford University's London residence, The Daniel House.
  • Classics Trips to Athens and Rome:  The Core Texts Program helps to identify and encourage first-year students who would like to participate in the Classics Department trips to Athens and Rome.  Each January the Classics Department annually alternates a spectacular three week educational experience in Greece and Italy where students can experience the cultures that gave us the foundational literature of Western civilization.
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