• Technology for Teachers Certificate

    Modern Technology Training for Tech Teachers Certificate 

    This certificate is for the teacher that wants to teach technology. Learn from experts in their fields as they guide you on understanding the core components for students to understand in each technology. Learn how to better facilitate technology education in your classroom. You will gain a better understanding into the world of software development and how to prepare students for their future jobs. You will learn how to use resources that are free and available to teach programming to your students.

    ·        Introduction to Databases for Teachers

    ·        Introduction to Flipped Classrooms

    ·        Introduction to Software Development for Teachers

    ·        Introduction to Programming for Teachers

    ·        Introduction to Teaching Programming for Teachers

    Introduction to Databases for Teachers 

    If you don't understand the core concepts of creating databases it can be very challenging to teach. This course covers the core concepts in a way that teachers can then explain database building techniques in the classroom. Databases often power the software systems that people use to run their business build their apps.  

    Introduction to Flipped Classrooms 

    This is a course used to teach teachers how to flip their classroom. Flip teaching will give teachers the ability to allow students the luxury of learning new content online by watching videos at home and doing "homework" in the classroom. This backwards approach is growing in popularity, offering more guidance and personal interaction with students as opposed to the "usual" lectures.

    Introduction to Software Development for Teachers 

    Developers are going to teach a teacher what the current and future world of software development. Our developers will show them what exists today and how these things will change due to technology in coming years. Teach them about the languages that developers code in and what's it for so they can translate these core concepts in their classrooms. Enables a teacher to effectively begin teaching coding techniques and best practices at any age.

    Introduction to Programming for Teachers 

    Children in the United States and abroad are being introduced to coding in an effort to fill the impending gap of technology related fields. Teachers have to catch up fast and hands on an introduction can help a teacher understand enough to be effective at teaching the core concepts. Teachers learn how to how to do basic programming. The goal is to provide them hands on experience that enable them to explain core concepts to children. This is the hands on programming experience for the teacher but under no pressure to become a developer. This will also help teachers identify skills in students of any age that can help aid in their future technical careers.

    Introduction to Teaching Programming for Teachers 

    Teachers will learn how to implement different options they have learned in the classroom to aid in facilitating digital literacy and software development best practices. Teachers will discover how to prepare themselves and the classroom for teaching software development and programming. Teachers will learn techniques to build good teams of “little” developers as a way to help them understand career preparedness.  This course allows the teachers to implement the skills gained in the other certificate courses so they can easily implement them in their own classrooms.