Samford University


Photography and Video Site Requests

The university administration approved the following operational guidelines for photography and videography requests by external vendors:

Images of the Samford University campus are an important part of the university’s brand. Sharing the campus beauty with the public benefits the university, but protecting the university’s images from misuse or commercial gain is important.

Vendors requesting to use the campus facilities for photography, videography or film must submit a written request to the Office of Marketing and Communication or the Office of Event Management and space utilization for approval. The request should include requested date, time frame, location, number of individuals involved, number of vehicles involved, distribution plans for the images and an on-site contact person name and mobile telephone number. Vendors must agree to provide their own liability coverage.

The Office of Marketing and Communication will work with public safety, event management, the Hub information center and the appropriate building/space coordinators on the availability of the requested space. When appropriate, the Office of Risk Management will be consulted about liability issues. Once approval has been made, the Office of Marketing and Communication will notify the vendor and all appropriate university offices in writing of the approval.

Vendors may not disrupt normal university operations with the photo or film shoot. Names of campus buildings or Samford emblems may not appear in the shots without prior approval of the Office of Marketing and Communication. Vendors must observe all university parking and safety regulations. If university employees or students appear in shots, it is the responsibility of the vendor to obtain proper release forms from those individuals. When appropriate, vendors may be asked to provide certificates of liability.

School groups wishing to use the university’s facilities for photographs, such as senior classes, marching bands, etc., should obtain advance permission from the Office of Marketing and Communication or the Office of Event Planning and Space Utilization to ensure that the photography/videography session does not disrupt normal university operations.

Public safety and building coordinators may use their discretion in allowing photography and videography by individuals and groups for non-commercial uses. This might include brides, prom groups and families. Photography/videography shoots for non-commercial purposes may not disrupt normal university operations.

University employees providing these services on a freelance or contract basis to others will be expected to adhere to these guidelines.

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