Samford University


Brand Attributes

Samford’s character and personality attributes should be evidenced by every interaction with the university.


Samford is known as a serious university for serious students. This is the place for academically capable students to develop curiosity into a professional vocation. Samford professors are recognized leaders in their fields.


Samford's community is committed to integrity, honesty and justice and actively contribute to the outcome; service is standard at Samford, a way of life for most.


Samford's commitment to maintaining and valuing personal engagement with the life and teachings of Jesus is rare among similar nationally recognized universities. Samford is a place to grow in mature in faith.


Samford is a gracious and genuinely caring community. It is impossible to walk across the campus without someone giving you a friendly “hello.” Samford friends are friends forever.

Good Value

Samford is recognized for educational experiences that transform lives in ways far beyond what any degree could measure. Samford consistently is recognized for its affordability.


Samford's community is committed to creativity and imagination, constantly benefiting from opportunities for growth and change.


Samford’s commitment to quality is evident in the care given to maintaining a matchless campus setting. Professors and students join to create a university community that strives to be the best.


Samford professors are not only teachers; they are guides and mentors who help students to explore academic disciplines and life’s ultimate questions.  


Samford is anchored in ancient and eternal truth. This assurance gives our community boldness to persevere and challenge existing standards to discover deeper and more lasting truth. 


 Samford is proud to be among the oldest 100 universities in America. We are a university rooted in deep and lasting tradition.

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