Choosing a Major

Choosing a major is an extremely important decision, but it is only one of the many decisions that you will have to make in your life. Let us help you put it into perspective.

The most common major for entering freshmen is "undeclared", although students can't earn a degree in that field! The first few years of college life are a great time to explore your major options. It's ok if you aren't a declared major as an underclassman. It's also ok if you do not know exactly what you may be doing in 10 years. You are not expected to know that definitively right now.  However, the Career Development Center encourages you to begin exploring your major options and related career interests as early as possible in your college career. It is important to choose a major that fits well with your abilities and interests and that provides a good starting point for your future career aspirations. And your choice of classes can be much more focused if you know which majors you want to begin to explore and whether or not they have very specific course requirements that you might need to follow.

Sometimes, your choice of major directly relates to a specific career choice. For instance, nursing majors are trained specifically to become nurses. However, since Samford is a liberal arts university, most of its majors will provide you with a broad base of knowledge and transferable skills that can be used in many occupations or in pursuit of a graduate degree. Since the average individual may change careers 3 to 5 times over his/her working lifetime, the skill of knowing how to make good decisions will be an important life skill to develop. If you start making good career related decisions at the beginning, you will lay a strong foundation for career success no matter where your journey may lead.

The Career Development Center offers several services that can assist undeclared Samford students in choosing their major:

Career Counseling- You will be guided in your decision making through individual career counseling sessions, designed to help you declare your major and plan for your career with confidence

Self-Directed Search Interest Inventory - Matches skills and interests with Samford majors and potential career fields (appointment with career counselor required for interpretation).

Career Planning Listserv - Provides announcements and items of interest for career exploration

Career Research Library - Books and handouts on majors, as well as on specific career fields

Majors Connection- Our annual majors fair provides students the opportunity to talk with faculty/staff and student representatives of all the academic departments at Samford.

For more information on how the CDC can help you choose your major or to schedule a carer counseling appointment, please contact us at 205-726-2980,, or stop by our office in the University Center Room 205. We welcome the opportunity to meet you.

Please Note: Samford requires that students have a declared academic major upon registering for their junior year. To officially declare your major, you must fill out a "Change of Major" form. To declare an academic major, go to that department to fill out the necessary paperwork.

If you wish to declare a College of Arts and Sciences major, please visit the A&S Advising Center in Room 127 of Brooks Hall for more information.


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