Changing Your Major

Statistics indicate that approximately two thirds of all university students change their major at least once during their college career. So, if you are considering changing your major, you are not alone! As you mature, it is to be expected that your interests and career goals should evolve. The career counselors in the Career Development Center (CDC) can help you evaluate whether another major may suit your skills and interests better. As you re-evaluate your current major or career goal, you may want to consider these questions:

Do you know all of the career options for your current major?

Have you talked with someone or had experience in the career field you are currently interested int?

Do you have enough credits in your current major to minor in it should you decide to change?

The Career Development Center has several services available to help you make your decision.

Career Counseling- You will be guided in your decision making through individual career counseling sessions, designed to help you evaluate your major choice and plan for your career with confidence

Self-Directed Search Interest Inventory- Matches skills and interests with Samford majors and potential career fields Relates your personality preferences to work styles and career choices

Career Research Library- Books and handouts on majors, as well as on specific career fields

Career Planning Listserv- Provides announcements and items of interest for career exploration

Majors Connection- Our annual majors fair provides students the opportunity to talk with faculty/staff and student representatives of all the academic departments at Samford.

For more information on how to schedule a career counseling appointment, please contact the CDC at either 205-726-2980, or stop by our office in the University Center Room 205.

To officially change your major, you much fill out a "Change of Major" form. These can be obtained from Student Records or the Academic Department of the major you wish to declare.

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