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Frequently Asked Questions for Transfer Students

Will my courses from my previous school transfer?

 Samford University accepts transfer credit from any regionally accredited institution for courses receiving letter grades of a C- or above.  Courses receiving D will not receive credit.

Information about an institution’s regional accreditation may be found at the council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) website at

Samford does not accept for transfer credit remedial or developmental courses, or courses that are part of a career or vocational education curriculum.  These types of courses typically are taken at a community college.  However, courses taken in an academic curriculum at a community college will transfer subject to our transfer policies.

Courses receiving transfer credit must be at least 75% of the credit hours of the Samford equivalent.  For example, a 3 hour course is 75% of our 4 hour course and will transfer.

Science courses transferred to satisfy the Natural and Computational Sciences requirement require a lab component.  If the lecture portion is taken without the lab, the lecture will transfer as an elective.

A maximum of 64 credit hours will transfer from a community college.

Samford does not have an articulation agreement with any institution.  Samford is not part of the Alabama General Studies Committee articulation agreement and is not bound by the transfer policies or agreement between Alabama community colleges and Alabama state universities. 

A transfer student must earn 50% or 64 hours of his/her degree requirements at Samford for a first undergraduate degree.

For more information please see our Transfer Equivalency Database.




What credit will my transfer courses receive?

 When the transfer credit evaluation is completed, a letter from the Registrar with the Transfer Equivalency Worksheet detailing the course by course equivalents is sent to the student in the mail.

Once ALL official (in a sealed envelope from each transfer institution, not faxed or hand-delivered) transcripts have been received in the Office of Admissions and the student is accepted for admission, the Office of Admissions will forward the transcripts to the Transfer & Credit Analyst in the Office of Student Records. The Transfer & Credit Analyst will do a course by course transfer credit evaluation from information provided on the official transcripts.

Click here to see a full listing of our Course Equivalency Database.

How will my transfer courses count to earn my degree at Samford?

 The academic advisor will explain the degree requirements for a specific academic degree program and how transfer courses will be applied to satisfy those requirements.  Neither the Transfer Admission Counselor nor the Transfer & Credit Analyst provide academic advising.

Contact information with instructions about making an advising appointment is sent with the letter and worksheet.  It is the student’s responsibility to call for an advising appointment.

A copy of the Transfer Equivalency Worksheet is also sent to the Course Guardian in the academic department of the student’s major.  The Course Guardian will assign the advisor and forward the worksheet to the advisor in preparation for the advising appointment.

When can I register for classes?
An incoming transfer student will be able to register for classes at Transfer Student Orientation. Entering Transfer Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor before hand to discuss possible schedules for the upcoming semester. For advising information, contact Bridget Rose, Director of the Academic Center, at 205.726.2229 or
Is credit accepted for Advance Placement (AP), International baccalaureate (IB), and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams?

 Pages 18 and 19 in the Samford catalog itemize the subject, Samford course credit, minimum score required and credit hours received for each exam. Click here to view the catalog.

The student should request that the College Board or IB International send the student’s score report to Samford for transfer credit evaluation.  The score report should come directly from the College Board or IB, not from the student.  If at least the minimum score is earned, appropriate Samford credit will be applied.

Only one Core course, UCCA 101, may be applied for credit through credit by examination.  The aggregate total or maximum of 30 credit hours may be earned through credit by examination.

Will previous Samford students receive a transfer credit evaluation when they are re-admitted?

 If a student who is re-admitted was a transfer student when he/she first attended Samford, official transcripts should be on file in the student’s original file found in the vault or attic.  In which case, a transfer credit evaluation is not needed because the original transfer work should have been evaluated when the student first attended Samford and the transfer work should be in the student information system.

If the re-admitted student attended another institution(s) since leaving Samford, an official transcript is required from all institutions attended between leaving and being re-admitted to Samford.  Those transcripts will be forwarded to the Transfer & Credit Analyst for transfer credit evaluation.

If a student first attended Samford as a transient or special status student, official transcripts for previously attended institutions will not be on file and official transcripts from all other institutions attended should be received in the Office of Admissions and forwarded to the Transfer & Credit Analyst upon re-admittance to Samford.

If the student has been away from Samford for a number of years, it may be necessary to request that new official transcripts be sent if the original transcripts are not in a condition that all information can be accurately read and discerned.  In that case, the Transfer & Credit Analyst will ask the Office of Admissions to have the student request new transcripts be sent.

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