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Bulldog Days (Orientation)


The first event that I took part in on Samford's campus was Orientation, or as we call it, Bulldog Days. My Bulldog Days was a great experience for multiple reasons, so I would like to highlight just a couple of them.

First, I got to meet so many new people! I had met a few of my fellow freshmen on scholarship interview days, so it was awesome to finally be able to hang out with them in a low pressure situation, ya know? We went through all of the typical "Get to Know You" games that I really enjoy. Yes, they are sometimes awkward, but I always find it interesting to get to know people's likes and dislikes and from where they come. We also got to eat lunch together and enjoy “the Caf”, much to my excitement (FYI: The pizza is big time.) The highlight of the social aspect of Bulldog Days came on Monday night when we all got together in Harry's Coffeehouse, located in the University Center, for some ice cream and karaoke.It felt good to know that I am not the only freshman who is goofy and can’t sing.

Second, and just as important, were the information sessions. We were all on information overload as we went to what seemed like 100 sessions covering every involvement at Samford. From intramural sports, to Greek Life, to community service, to Arts, Samford has it all! I was a little overwhelmed at first; but after I had time to soak it all in, I am grateful for the information.

I now have a plan for how to attack freshman year outside of the classroom: I'm a “sports nut,” so I was pumped to see how much Samford has to offer in terms of outdoor activities and intramural sports. I plan to get involved in some sort of religious organization to continue growing in my faith; oh and I can't forget about Step Sing! I learned a lot about what that is too and am eagerly waiting for the time when I can join a group.

All in all, Bulldog Days was a great weekend to meet some of my amazing future classmates and to learn exactly what I can do at Samford. I can't wait for the school year to start! Move in day is August 24th! Until then, BowWow Bulldogs!

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