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Your School, Your City

your school, your city The “Your School, Your City” concert was AWESOME! Before the concert even started, there were booths set up all around The Quad that were giving away free stuff and advertising for local businesses that I probably would have never heard about. For real though, no joke, there was so much free food that I didn’t even go to the dinner that they were serving before the concert! I just went into the event area early with my friends, and we got free samples of pizza, barbeque, and Mediterranean food—all kinds of amazing grub. So yeah, being an 18-year-old male, I was sold on this whole event from before it had technically even started.

BUT THEN: the real deal started up. The concert opened with Jewish rapper, Matisyahu (if you haven’t heard of him, don’t worry, very few people have, but apparently he’s real big on the indie music scene). Let me just say, I’d heard a couple of this man’s songs before that night, but NOTHING compared to the real deal. His live show was so ridiculously good. My friends and I camped out right in front of the stage just to make sure that we got good seats and, by golly, it was worth it by a long shot. The bass of his show literally made my leg hair vibrate. Not kidding. Matisyahu was so chill and some of the lyrics were really powerful. It was a blast.

Then, next thing we know, the dude completely breaks out of his “uber-chill” shell and starts going crazy. He’s dancing on stage, having a blast. My friends and I are just eating it up, laughing and singing along when we could. But it got even better. First, some guy in the audience holds up a Jewish flag and starts waving it around, going crazy with it, and Matisyahu stops in the middle of a song to come to the front of the stage, take the guy’s flag, and signs it for him. Admittedly I was about as jealous as I could be (but not for long). So Matisyahu keeps it up with this awesome show for another song or two but then stops the concert again and looks out on the audience and says, “Hey, do we have any football players out there?” and we’re like, “Erm…what?” and he says “I’m wondering because I’m going to stage dive.”

My. Jaw. Dropped. And so did most of the other audience members’ jaws. The man didn’t even wait to see if there really were people out there strong enough to catch him, he just starts moving speakers around to make a path for himself, counts to three, and then dives right into the middle of the crowd. So he crowd surfs for a few minutes maybe but then he decides that even that is not good enough for him. So the dude stands up and walks on top of the crowd. I could have sworn it was a dream. He walked right on the hands of my friends and I as he made his way back to the stage. Once he got back to the stage, the concert continued as usual for another song or two but this guy still wasn’t done yet! Next he just started grabbing members of the crowd up on stage with him to dance to the closing song (I swear he was like two seconds from picking me when the dudes with the Jewish flag popped up out of nowhere and stole my glory…sorry…still a little bitter…).

So all that to say, the concert was easily one of the best I’ve ever attended, and the night was one of the best I’ve had in ages. What a way to kick off the year.

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