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Connections Weekend


The day I moved in to Samford, I was ready. Ready to be in college, ready to start a new phase in my life, and ready to see what my school could offer me. Although Move-In Day was a little emotional, the real excitement began that evening when Connections officially kicked off. Connections is an event for freshmen and transfer students during the first weekend on campus for them to meet classmates, get to know the school and also catch a glimpse of Birmingham. I was in a group with twelve or so other freshmen, and we really got to know each other over the course of the weekend. Our group had two upperclassmen leaders who really took the time to show us Samford and to make us excited about the upcoming year.

One of my favorite events happened on our first night. Samford put on a 90s dance party for us, and it was a blast!! It was such an energetic and fun way to begin the weekend! Also, before we headed to the dance, all the freshman boys serenaded us by singing songs like "My Girl" and "What Makes You Beautiful". At that point I KNEW I was going to like Samford! It was such a surprise and a super cute idea.

The weekend was filled with a ton of other great activities as well as information sessions where we could learn about things that would make getting around campus easier. On Saturday, we went downtown to do a service project with a Christian organization that has a warehouse filled with supplies to help those less fortunate in the community. I loved being able to rally with my fellow freshmen and serve the Lord and our community all in the first 48 hours of being together!

Another highlight was going to the Alabama Theater and watching The Sandlot. The theater is gorgeous, and it was awesome that Samford freshman and connections leaders took up the majority of the theater. On Sunday, we took the traditional walk up Centennial Walk (the stairs that lead to the library) and then into Reid Chapel for a service. This tradition is one that we will also do when we graduate from Samford.

I think the Connections experience benefited everyone who was involved in it; I know it benefited me! I felt very comfortable and even MORE excited (which I didn't think was possible) about beginning my journey at Samford and starting my first week of classes.

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